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Best Las Vegas RV Rentals For The Ultimate LA Road Trip

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Best Las Vegas RV Rentals

Looking for an RV rental in Las Vegas, NV?

Well, you’re in for a treat!

We’ve found the 10 best RV rentals in Las Vegas – everything from cheap to luxury, small off-road travel trailers to massive Class A’s.

Itching to plan your RV rental vacation?

Let’s get to it!

Disclaimer: These RVs rent out fast! You usually need to rent an RV weeks (sometimes months) ahead of time.

If the RVs below aren’t available for the time you want to rent them, click here to go to Outdoorsy and see what else is available for you in Las Vegas!

Table of Contents

10 Best Motorhome, Camper & RV Rentals in Las Vegas, NV

1. 2007 Thor Motor Coach Four Winds Five Thousand 26′

2007 Thor Motor Coach Four Winds Five Thousand

Price: $159/night Pet Friendly? Yes

Slides: β€‹1 Sleeps: 5

This 2007 Thor Motor Coach Four Winds Five Thousand is a gem! At 26′ long and $159 per night (as of this writing), it’s a great all-around camper to ride around Nevada in.

Take a look inside:

2007 Thor Motor Coach Four Winds Five Thousand Interior

One great thing about this RV is that it can travel anywhere your car can. It’s so easy to drive and not horribly long. 

Another huge perk is that the RV owner throws in everything from blankets and sheets to outdoor games and campfire chairs. Jerome throws in everything you could need for your trip!

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2. 2006 Fleetwood Excursion 39′

Class A RV Rental

Price: $195/night Pet Friendly? No

Slides: 4 Sleeps: 6

This 2006 Fleetwood Excursion is a sweet luxury class A for rent in Las Vegas. Just take a look inside!

Inside Luxury Class A Rental

One of the cool things about this Class A is the renter, Reginald Miller. Reginald treats his guests like hotel room guests, making sure the fridge is stocked with water and iced tea. He even leaves a nice “fresh cleaned” touch for each new renter. 

Plus, it comes with a washer and dryer. So if you’re looking to stay a while and don’t want to use a laundromat or campground laundry room, this is a huge plus!

3. 2016 Tacoma TRD Offroad 15′

Toyota Tacoma Offroad Truck Rental

Price: $150/night Pet Friendly? Yes

Slides: 0 Sleeps: 2

This 2016 Tacoma TRD Offroad perfect for you adventure-lovers. If going offroading through the desert sounds like an awesome time to you, this is the rig to rent!

This glorified truck camper has a fully-enclosed cab with a two-sleeper Autohome roof top tent, 37-quart ARB fridge/freezer, 10-gallon pressurized water storage system, outdoor shower, and an all-weather awning. It’s even stealthier than camper vans!

This small camper doesn’t yet have any reviews. But it looks like a blast! Be sure to leave a review if you try it out so we know how the rig is.

4. 1996 Ford e150 Campervan 18′

Campervan Rental Las Vegas

Price: $80/night Pet Friendly? Yes

Slides: 0 Sleeps: 2

This 1996 Ford e150 Campervan is the perfect cheap campervan rental for anyone who wants to trek Las Vegas on a budget.

It’s small, yet has everything you’d need in a camper, including a stove, fridge, dinning table, bed, and even A/C and heat!

Take a look inside:

Inside Campervan Nevada

Overall, this is an affordable camper van rental!

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5. 2018 Jayco Precept 38′

Class A Luxury RV Rental Las Vegas

Price: $240/night Pet Friendly? Yes

Slides: 4 Sleeps: 10

This 2018 Jayco Precept is another luxury RV in Nevada. But the kicker?

This is technically a 2 bedroom RV rental! There is a space with bunkbeds and a door that closes to create a mini room for the kids to play in. (Plus it has a second bathroom, so you get all the privacy you need!)

You can’t see the extra bedroom in this picture, but it does show off the amazing kitchen. Just be sure to check out the other pictures to see the second bedroom!

Inside Luxury Class A

Important Note: This RV has a 3-night minimum stay. So keep that in mind when considering renting it!

It’s also in Henderson, so it’s an RV rental near Las Vegas, NV, but not directly in it.

This rig doesn’t have any reviews yet! If you rent it, be sure to leave one. πŸ™‚

6. 2019 Jayco Redhawk 31′

Jayco Class C Rental in Nevada

Price: $160/night Pet Friendly? Yes

Slides: 1 Sleeps: 10

This 2019 Jayco Redhawk is a luxury RV on a budget. It’s cheaper than the massive luxury Class A rentals, but has nice features most of the cheap RV rentals don’t have, like a backup camera, brand new bedding, and all new equipment.

Here’s a look inside:

Inside Jayco Redhawk

7. 2016 Off-Road Teardrop Trailer 12′

Off-Road Tear Drop Trailer Rental Nevada

Price: $85/night Pet Friendly? Yes

Slides: 0 Sleeps: 2

Looking to trek through the Nevada dessert in style? This 2016 Off-Road Teardrop Trailer is the perfect way to do that while still bringing a few creature comforts.

It’s got a stove, outdoor shower, massive awning (since you’ll be spending a lot of time outside), and a ceiling fan inside to keep you cool on hot Nevada days.

Here’s a look inside:

Inside Off-Road Teardrop Trailer

8. 2017 Orrin 12′

Cheap RV Rental Las Vegas

Price: $65/night Pet Friendly? Yes

Slides: 0 Sleeps: 2

If you’re looking for a cheap RV rental in Las Vegas, it doesn’t get any cheaper than this. This 2017 Orrin is small, but at only $65 a night, you can’t complain!

It’s bare-bones. We’re talking a bed to sleep in, a bike rack, and a ceiling fan to keep you somewhat cool on those hot summer nights. But it works for your RV road trips!

Here’s a look inside:

Inside A Rugged Teardrop Trailer

This is an RV rental near Las Vegas in Henderson. They’re in the same County, so they’re very close by!

9. 2004 Tiffin Motorhome 35′

Nevada Class A RV Rental

Price: $175/night Pet Friendly? No

Slides: 1 Sleeps: 6

Want to get away on a nice, relaxing vacation? This 2004 Tiffin Motorhome is the perfect camper for you!

The owner, David McCormick, has thought of everything – from the big stuff like tables, rugs, and outdoor lights, to the littlest details like new sponges, cooking oil and garbage bags, you won’t be missing ANYTHING with this rental.

Here’s a look inside:

Inside The Therapy Session

David’s goal is simple: To give you a stress-free vacation. That’s why he nicknamed this RV the “Therapy Session”.

10. 2014 Airstream Interstate 24′

2014 Airstream Interstate

Price: $195/night Pet Friendly? No

Slides: 0 Sleeps: 3

This 2014 Airstream Interstate is luxurious camper van rental.

It comes with a modern interior that rivals a high-end Manhattan apartment. What else is there to say?

Here’s a look inside:

2014 Airstream Interstate Interior

More Las Vegas Rentals

Not seeing anything you like? No worries!

You can browse all the camper rentals available online using the widget below. Just click one that looks interesting to see more information!

Things to Do in Las Vegas, Nevada

That brings us to the end of our list of the best RV rentals in Las Vegas! Remember, if you didn’t like any of these we listed (or they weren’t available for you), you can always check out all the Las Vegas rentals available on Outdoorsy.

Now that your trip is booked, the next step is to plan your activities!

Wondering what to do in Las Vegas? Here are a few ideas:

Looking for more? Check out the top things to do in Las Vegas on Trip Advisor. And don’t forget you can drive up to San Jose, California or check out the Mojave Desert and national forests!

And if you’re planning your trip, here’s a list of RV parks in or near Las Vegas that you can stay at. There are top-rated Las Vegas RV resorts, cheap RV parks, luxury parks, and more.

Finally, click here to get more travel info for your Las Vegas road trip.

And that’s all we have for you! Want to share your Las Vegas RV rental or some cool things to do in Nevada? Or have questions? Leave a comment below!

Pro Tip: Want better rental prices? Ask the rentees if they offer reduced winter rates! Not all of them will, but a winter trip in the south can save you some money. You can also check availability and add Outdoorsy Roadside Assistance to most of the rentals for added peace of mind.

Want to take RV road trips elsewhere? Check out these other RV destinations:

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Enjoy your RV rental vacation!!

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