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10 Best Camper & RV Rentals in Lakewood, CO

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RV Rentals in Lakewood, CO

Looking for an RV rental in Lakewood, CO?

Look no more! 

We found the 10 best Lakewood RV rentals – everything from cheap to luxury, small off-road travel trailers to massive Class A’s.

Get ready to plan your Lakewood RV rental vacation. Your rental awaits!

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The 10 Best RV Rentals in Lakewood, CO

Disclaimer: These RVs rent out fast! You usually need to rent them weeks (sometimes months) ahead of time.

If the RVs below aren’t available for the time you want to rent them, click here to go to Outdoorsy and see what else is available for you in Lakewood!

1. 2016 Jayco Precept 32′

2016 Jayco Precept

Price: $286/night Pet Friendly? No

Slides: 2 Sleeps: 8

When it comes to RV rentals and motorhome rentals, this 2016 Jayco Precept is a great choice for a large family that’s looking to get away!

Here is a sneak peek of the inside:

2016 Jayco Precept interior

This motorhome rental comes with a lot of perks from the owner including toilet paper, hygiene products, cooking supplies, camping chairs… The works!

There is even a propane grill, propane tank, and a small outdoor cookware set for the outdoor kitchen.

2. 2019 Into The Wild Overland Boreas XT 15′

2019 Into The Wild Overland Boreas XT

Price: $140/night Pet Friendly? Yes

Slides: 0 Sleeps: 3

This 2019 Into the Wild Overland Boreas XT is fully off the grid with features that will go almost anywhere your vehicle can pull it and offers comforts that few overland campers can match.

Imagine yourself cooking a delicious meal with this outdoor kitchen:

2019 Into The Wild Overland Boreas XT interior

Great things come in small packages! This is one of the best camper rentals I have seen.

This camper is equipped with a galley kitchen with all the essentials, an outdoor shower with on demand hot water heater, and a custom roof rack that accommodates all kinds of attachments. 

On the inside, there is a queen size memory foam mattress, cabinets for storage, a built in fan, and a forced air furnace for chilly nights.

3. 2017 Winnebago Travato 59k 21′

2017 Winnebago Travato 59k

Price: $245/night Pet Friendly? No

Slides: 0 Sleeps: 2

You’ll love this 2017 Winnebago Travato 59k!

Have a look inside:

2017 Winnebago Travato 59k interior

This camper van rental offers great driving visibility, maneuverability, easy to park, and dry camp. 

It’s fuel efficient, getting up to 21mpg, which is a HUGE plus for going on a road trip. You can even add Outdoorsy Roadside Assistance to this rental for greater piece of mind.

The inside is equipped with a rear bath and a sleeping area for two.

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4. 2015 Airstream Serenity International 27FB 28′

2015 Airstream Serenity International 27FB

Price: $225/night Pet Friendly? Yes

Slides: 0 Sleeps: 5

The sleek, retro look of this 2015 Airstream Serenity International 27FB is absolutely irresistible! You’ll be the envy of all the RV parks you visit.

Have a look at the layout:

2015 Airstream Serenity International 27FB interior

Out of all the camper rentals, this one is my favorite!

With its simplistic, modern interior, you’ll wake up feeling like you are staying in a 5-star hotel. This impressive, luxury RV comes with a queen sized, complete walk-around bed. 

Don’t forget to enjoy a mid afternoon coffee under the awning!

5. 2013 Little Guy Silver Shadow 10′

2013 Little Guy Silver Shadow

Price: $120/night Pet Friendly? No

Slides: 0 Sleeps: 2

Lightweight AND easy to tow?! Take this 2013 Little Guy Silver Shadow on an unforgettable camping trip!

Here’s a peek of the your temporary home:

2013 Little Guy Silver Shadow interior

With a king sized memory foam mattress on the inside, you and your other half can snuggle up in the mountains on a cool Colorado night.

Then in the morning, cook up some bacon and eggs using the outdoor clamshell kitchen.

6. 2006 Fleetwood Americana Bayside 25′

2006 Fleetwood Americana Bayside

Price: $105/night Pet Friendly? No

Slides: 1 Sleeps: 6

Take this 2006 Fleetwood Americana Bayside, aka “Rosie,” on your next camping vacation!

Check out the floor plan:

2006 Fleetwood Americana Bayside interior

This spacious tent camper has two king beds and one double bed. It also has a slide-out dining area, hot water heater, and outdoor shower.

The owners even throw in a bunch of extras for your trip like cookware, coffee pot, board games, and two decks of cards to name a few!

7. 2017 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 20′

2017 Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Price: $195/night Pet Friendly? No

Slides: 0 Sleeps: 2

Ever feel like disappearing from all the hassles of life? Yes? Now you can go off the grid and get away from it all in this 2017 Mercedes Benz Sprinter!

Imagine laying your head in this camper van:

2017 Mercedes Benz Sprinter interior

You may not think there is much room in a camper van, but this one is sure to prove you wrong.

Inside is a queen sized platform bed with plenty of gear storage underneath, a galley kitchen unit with sink, and swivel front bucket seats.

The owners even throw in a few essentials for your trip!

8. 2013 Tiger Adventure Vehicles Bengal 22′

2013 Tiger Adventure Vehicles Bengal

Price: $300/night Pet Friendly? Yes

Slides: 0 Sleeps: 4

If you are looking to rent an RV that can handle everything, look no further! Venture off the beaten path with this 2013 Tiger Adventure Vehicles Bengal!

Take a look at how much room this Bengal has:

2013 Tiger Adventure Vehicles Bengal interior

Explore the unknown and blaze a trail with this well equipped truck camper! It comes with several features like a refrigerator, stovetop, microwave, backup camera, and awning, to name a few.

The owners even offer add ons to enhance your camping experience like a generator, bike rack, and a Delorme Inreach Sattellite Communicator.

9. 1997 Winnebago Eurovan Camper Rialta 22′

1997 Winnebago Eurovan Camper Rialta

Price: $159/night Pet Friendly? Yes

Slides: 0 Sleeps: 4

You can rent an RV to cruise to your favorite snowy mountain campground with all the amenities of home in this 1997 Winnebago Eurovan Camper Rialta.

Picture yourself inside enjoying a lake view:

1997 Winnebago Eurovan Camper Rialta Interior

This camper van rental is a studio apartment on wheels! It has couches that fold down into a large bed, a functional kitchen, and a bathroom.

Just be prepared for a shit, shower, and shave situation when using the bathroom. 

Bonus: It has great fuel economy and gets from 17-20mpg!

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10. 2014 Coachmen Freelander 29′

2014 Coachmen Freelander

Price: $215/night Pet Friendly? Yes

Slides: 1 Sleeps: 6

The last of our RV rentals and motorhome rentals is this fantastic 2014 Coachman Freelander!

Check out the master bedroom to get an idea of how comfortable this RV is:

2014 Coachmen Freelander interior

This RV has tons of room with an automatic slide in the living area.

There is also a back bedroom with a queen sized bed, an over the cab bunk, couch that folds out to sleep one, and a dining table that drops down to sleep one.

It even comes fully equipped with essentials like bedding, dishes, towels, and hygiene products!

Things to Do in Lakewood, CO

That brings us to the end of our list of the best motor homes and camper van rentals in Lakewood! Remember, if you didn’t like any of the camper rentals or the floor plans we listed (or they weren’t available for you), you can always check out all the Lakewood RV rentals available on Outdoorsy.

Now that your trip is booked, the next step is to plan your activities!

Wondering what to do in Colorado? Here are a few tourist attraction ideas:

Looking for more? Check out the top things to do in Lakewood on Trip Advisor or things to do in Denver, CO.

And if you’re looking for RV parks and RV resorts in Lakewood, Colorado, check out this list.

And that’s all we have for you! Want to share your Lakewood camper van or RV rental or some cool things to do in Colorado? Or have questions? Leave a comment below!

Pro Tip: Want better rental prices? Ask the rentees if they offer reduced winter rates! Not all of them will, but a winter trip in the south can save you some money. You can also check availability and add Outdoorsy Roadside Assistance to most of the rentals for added peace of mind.

Want to take RV road trips elsewhere? Check out these other RV destinations:

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Enjoy your RV rental vacation!!

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