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10 Best Camper & RV Rentals In Tampa, FL (Roadtrip-Ready!)

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Looking for an RV rental in Tampa, FL?

We’re here to help! πŸ™‚

We found the 10 best RV rentals in Tampa – everything from cheap to luxury, small off-road travel trailers to massive Class A’s.

Taking a trip to the Sunshine State soon? Tampa is calling your name!

Let’s get to it!

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Table of Contents

The 10 Best RV Rentals in Tampa, Florida

Disclaimer: These RVs rent out fast! You usually need to rent them weeks (sometimes months) ahead of time.

If the RVs below aren’t available for the time you want to rent them, click here to go to Outdoorsy and see what else is available for you in Tampa!

1. 2012 Thor Motor Coach Four Winds Majestic 25′

Thor Motor Coach Four Winds Majestic

Price: $129/night Pet Friendly? No

Slides: 0 Sleeps: 6

This 2012 Four Winds Majestic might only be 25′ long, but it’s plenty spacious and can sleep a total of six people!

One of the coolest things about this Florida RV rental is that it includes a generator you’re able to use for dry camping!

Take a look at the inside of this beauty:

Thor Motor Coach Four Winds Majestic Indoors

The renter, Damon, has extra “add-ons” that you’re able to choose before checking out, such as:

  • Comprehensive insurance coverage ($10/day)
  • Propane tank refill ($84.99)
  • Tank draining ($69)
  • Pet oder removal ($99)

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2. 2001 Coleman Sun Valley Pop Up 17′

Coleman Sun Valley Pop Up RV Rental Tampa

Price: $50/night Pet Friendly? Yes

Slides: 0 Sleeps: 6

This 2001 Coleman Sun Valley Pop Up is a quaint little pop up with a lot more space than you’d think.

Don’t believe me? Imagine yourself inside of this unique pop up camper:

Inside Coleman Sun Valley Pop Up RV Rental Tampa

The owner of this pop up RV calls this a “great first step for glamping” (a term to describe “glamorous camping”). People down south know how hot it can get and the owner of this pop up (Katie) made sure to put in a 13,000 BTU A/C for those intense hot days and nights.

With everything this pop up has to offer, it is a great rental for exploring Central Florida!

Quick Tip: Not sure what a BTU is? Check out our article about RV air conditioners to find out more!

3. 2012 Holiday Rambler Vacationer 36′

Holiday Rambler Vacationer

Price: $250/night Pet Friendly? No

Slides: 3 Sleeps: 6

This 2012 Holiday Rambler Vacationer is a beautiful Florida RV rental that’ll make you feel like you’re living in luxury.

Packed with a washer/dryer combo, remote heated mirrors (what?!), outdoor entertainment area (TV and radio), and more, you might not want to leave the RV to explore while camping. 

Check out your next temporary home:

Inside Holiday Rambler Vacationer

The owner of this perfect RV, Brad, makes sure he goes over everything with you in detail before driving away – this is his baby after all!

If you’re looking for an RV with style (and a professional RV renter), this is something you can’t pass up.

4. 2016 Jayco Greyhawk 31′

Jayco Greyhawk RV Rental FL

Price: $199/night Pet Friendly? No

Slides: 2 Sleeps: 10

This 2016 Jayco Greyhawk is a classic RV that offers comfort as well as style.

With plenty of places for you and your family (or guests) to sleep, we’re sure you’ll find this motorhome rental is perfect.

Take a look at the floor plan below to see what your vacation home will look like:

Floorplan for Jayco Greyhawk RV Rental FL

Wayne and his partner, Serenity, offer tons of additional ammenities too! Such as:

  • Sleeping accessories (pillows, blankets, sheets, and more)
  • Kitchen appliances (basic pots, pans, dishes, and more)
  • Bathroom accessories (towels, toilet paper, and more)

5. 2018 Keystone Summerland 18′

2018 Keystone Summerland

Price: $65/night Pet Friendly? No

Slides: 0 Sleeps: 5

This 2018 Keystone Summerland is a cozy travel trailer with just a touch of home.

With a large main bed, bunks, and a converting dinette, what more could you ask for?

Here’s a sneak peek of what this travel trailer looks like:

2018 Keystone Summerland interior

The RV owners, Miguel and Jorge, provide everything you could need on the road. From kitchenware to beach chairs.

You can even relax under the awning while watching the kids play horse shoes.

6. 2014 Winnebago View 25′

Winnebago View RV Rental Tampa

Price: $199/night Pet Friendly? No

Slides: 1 Sleeps: 6

This 2014 Winnebago View may look small, but looks can be deceiving.

This little Winnebago looks a lot bigger inside and we’re loving it:

Inside Winnebago View RV Rental Tampa

The RV renter/owner, Barbra, asks that the RV is returned with the diesel tank full, the black and grey water tank emptied, and the RV itself cleaned.

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7. 2018 Keystone Bullet 33′

2018 Keystone Bullet

Price: $117/night Pet Friendly? Yes

Slides: 1 Sleeps: 10

This 2018 Keystone Bullet is a sweet travel trailer that you shouldn’t pass up.

Grab all of your friends for a weekend trip or load up the kids to tour around Florida. There is plenty of room for everyone!

Take a look at the floor plan to see your soon to be RV rental:

2018 Keystone Bullet floor plan

This travel trailer has everything you need for an amazing adventure. From a bunk house to a private queen bed, this travel trailer is perfect for a family getaway.

8. 2019 Jayco Jay Feather 19′

2019 Jayco Jay Feather

Price: $105/night Pet Friendly? Yes

Slides: 0 Sleeps: 6

This 2019 Jayco Jay Feather is different from your normal RV. This puppy is a pop-up/teardrop hybrid that is perfect for making memories.

Imagine yourself inside staying inside this travel trailer rental:

2019 Jayco Jay Feather interior

Perfect for a modern glamping experience, this travel trailer has everything you need from two large beds to a full bathroom. 

9. 2018 Mercedes Forest River Sunseeker 24′

Mercedes Forest River Sunseeker

Price: $200/night Pet Friendly? Yes

Slides: 1 Sleeps: 6

This 2018 Mercedes Forest River Sunseeker is an awesome Florida RV that’s perfect for friends and family while making memories and hanging out in the middle of the beach for a few days (how perfect does the image above look?).

Here is a look at the interior to get a better understanding of where you’ll be staying:

This RV rental is in great shape, ready to go, and is equipped with so many awesome features such as:

  • Two inflatable queen-sized sofas (along with three beds)
  • Three-burner gas stove and oven

… and more! It even comes with a free beach driving pass in new Smyrna Beach and free surf lessons in cocoa beach!!

10. 2018 Forest River Cruise Lite 29′

Outside Forest River Cruise Lite

Price: $106/night Pet Friendly? Yes

Slides: 0 Sleeps: 6

This 2018 Forest River Cruise Lite proves that there can still be plenty of space without slide outs.

Take a look at how awesome the inside is:

Forest River Cruise Lite

The beds have been all upgraded with memory foam mattress toppers to assure you and your family (or guests) a great night of sleep and there are plenty of amenities that come along with this pull behind. 

Things to Do in Tampa, Florida

That brings us to the end of our list of the best RV rentals in Tampa! Remember, if you didn’t like any of these we listed (or they weren’t available for you), you can always check out all the Tampa, Florida RV rentals available on Outdoorsy.

Now that your trip is booked, the next step is to plan your activities!

Wondering what to do in Tampa? Here are a few ideas:

Looking for more? Check out the top things to do in Tampa on Trip Advisor.

Plan to rent an RV? Check out the top RV resorts in Tampa, Florida.

And that’s all we have for you! Want to share your Tampa RV rental or some cool things to do in Florida? Or have questions? Leave a comment below!

Pro Tip: Want better rental prices? Ask the rentees if they offer reduced winter rates! Not all of them will, but a winter trip in the south can save you some money. You can also check availability and add Outdoorsy Roadside Assistance to most of the rentals for added peace of mind.

Want to take RV road trips elsewhere? Check out these other RV destinations:

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Enjoy your RV rental vacation!!

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