30+ Full-Time RVers Reveal Their Absolute MUST Have RV Accessories

RV camping is a blast...

But you can only fit so much stuff in your camper!

That's why you should only bring the absolute best RV accessories possible.

In order to find the MUST have RV accessories, we interviewed over 30 full-time RVers.

(Since full-timers have had more time in their RVs to discover the best products.)

MUST have RV Accessories

So whether you live in your RV or just vacation once in a while, these RV gadgets, RV supplies, and camper accessories are sure to enhance your camping experience.

Must Have RV Accessories: A Complete List

Since this is a large guide, here's an index to help you get right to where you wanna go:

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Let's get started!

General RV Essentials

Before we talk fancy RV accessories that make life better, let's quickly talk about the essentials, like an RV sewer hose to drain your holding tanks and drinking water hoses without chemicals that can harm your body.

Drinking Hose

RV drinking hose

Sewer Hose

RV Sewer Hose


RV shower head

Recommended by: Heath & Alyssa Padgett

Heath and Alyssa

Heath and Alyssa have been featured on CNN, CBS and more for their documentary Hourly America, about how they traveled to all 52 states in their RV to try a different job in every one!

Next up, we have a whole slew of RV supplies recommended by Doug and Harmony from Fummin Family Fun Trip (follow their daily vlogs on YouTube):

Here are all the items Doug recommends for your travel trailer in his video:

Leveling Blocks

RV leveling blocks

Water Pressure Regulator

RV Essentials: Water Pressure Regulator

Water Pressure Regulator

Water Regulator for RV hose

Water Hose Quick Connect

Camper hose quick connector

Shrinking Hose

Shrinkable hose

Finally, we have something both practical AND makes for fun RV accessories…


RV Accessories: Walkie-Talkies

Recommended by: Nancy Walters

Nancy Walters

Nancy Walters runs the blog at RV-A-GOGO, which was ranked one of the top 100 RV blogs by Feedspot!

“We use these every time we back into a site and put slides in and out.”

Besides providing utility to stop you from accidentally taking out the water pump, they have a lot of other uses.

For example, you can play all kinds of fun games with walkie-talkies or use them to scare the crap out of each other. Fun times!

RV Mattress

RV Mattress

Use Coupon Code “WANDER5” for 5% Off Your Order!

RV Mattresses are often one of the first things replaced in an RV. Because, frankly, most factory mattresses suck – even in fifth wheels.

Our friends at Mattress Insider can make you a custom-fit mattress exactly to your liking. Whether you need one firm, soft, or cut in a weird shape, they’ve got you covered.

QuickZip Sheets

Speaking of mattresses – often times, Camper beds are in weird places that can be difficult to get sheets on and off of.

Enter the Quick Zip Sheets!

These sheets have a base that stays on the mattress, with a zip on/off top piece. That way, when it’s time to wash the sheets, all you have to do is unzip the top part. When you’re done washing them, just zip ’em right back on. So cool!

Click here to get them for 10% off!

(Or click here to get 10% off the starter pack, which includes 2 zip-off sheets, 2 flat sheets, and 4 pillow cases, in case you need to rotate your bedding.)

RV Kitchen Accessories

RV kitchens are incredibly small. For anyone that likes to cook (like us), they leave a lot to be desired.

That’s why we love things that are small and do more than one thing, like the first RV kitchen accessory on our list:

Instant Pot

Recommended by: Heather & Chris

Heather from Faith Takes Flight

Heather and Chris run their blog 4 Radical Road Schoolers and a Fat Cat (great name, right?).

Instant Pot is an all in one kitchen device: pressure cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, rice cooker, steamer, and more.

Because it does so much stuff with one device, this thing is an absolute must have RV gadget! It makes your limited space seem just a tad bigger, which is great.

Here are some cool recipes you can make with it.

Collapsible Kitchen Accessories

Heather and Chris also recommended a few collapsible accessories.

We already shared how amazing collapsible items are in our list of RV storage ideas. They make it so much easier to organize your cupboards and save space.

Collapsible bowls

Collapsible Bowls

mixing bowls

Collapsible mixing bowl

Collapsible colander

Collapsible Colander

If you’d prefer something a little sturdier, stackable bowls also make great space savers.

Bialetti Coffee Maker

RV Kitchen Accessories: The Bialetti Coffee Maker

Recommended by: Robert & Jessica

Robert and Jessica

Robert and Jessica blog at Exploring the Local Life. Follow their travels on YouTube and Facebook.

“When we first started out we had a Keurig. It was great but took up so much space. Our little Moka Pot takes up about the amount of space as a hot/cold beverage tumbler.

Plus it doesn’t use electricity. This a good thing in case you find yourself without electricity (and if you RV long enough you will eventually find yourself without electricity).”

But in case you’d rather feel like a scientist or an alchemist, we also received the next recommendation:

Chemex Coffee Steeper

Chemex RV coffee pot

Recommended by: The Roamans

The Roamans

Vanessa and Marissa run The Roamans Blog, where they chat about yoga, travel, and their awesome dog Penny (who happens to love organic peanut butter).

“As far as our Chemex is concerned, we use this every day.

We tried a few different coffee-brewing methods along the way on the road, and even initially lugged around our Keurig for a while! But the Chemex has to be the simplest way for us to brew on the go.”

Plus, the thing looks like something an alchemist would have in their shop. Pretty cool!

RV Fridge Fan

RV Fridge Fan

Recommended by: Heather & Dave

Heather and Dave Happiest Camper

Heather and Dave run the Happiest Campers blog. They recently totaled their RV, so go give them some love!

“We typically park in warm climates, and the fridge fan makes a huge difference to maintain a steady temperature in the fridge. It uses less energy to keep things cool while preventing frost buildup. No more emptying all the contents and defrosting! Food stays fresher longer too.”

IKEA Stacking Plate & Bowl Holders

IKEA plate and bowl holder

Recommended by: Marie & Josh

Marie and Josh from Ardent Camper

Marie and Josh share their adventures at Ardent Camper.

“The only time we’ve broken a ceramic plate after 2.5 years on the road was when I dropped one washing dishes. These holders keep everything secure as we bounce down the road. :)”

Cast Iron Pan

Cast Iron Pot

Recommended by: Tim & Amanda Watson

Tim & Amanda Watson

Tim and Amanda run Watsons Wander, where they tell their stories about working and living full-time in an Airstream.

“A well-seasoned cast iron pan is a must have in any RV.

When we first started out, I thought cast iron was far too heavy to be part of the RV kitchen. I’ve since learned that cast iron is great because it’s so versatile. We actually carry around less cookware because our single 10″ cast iron pan serves so many purposes.

Not only is it perfect on the stovetop for things like seared meats, crispy bacon, and even eggs, but it also transitions easily to the oven for dishes like pizza, quiche, and casseroles.

Any cast iron pan will work in an RV, but if you’re in the market for an affordable American made pan I would highly recommend Lodge brand cast iron.”

That’s all for RV kitchen accessories! Next up we have magical temperature control.

RV Temperature Control Gadgets & Hacks

Keeping it cool or warm in an RV can be tricky. The insulation isn’t great in these things and running the AC requires a lot of power.

This section is dedicated to RV gadgets and hacks to keep it toasty warm or comfortably cool, regardless of outside temperatures.

Dyson Air Multiplier Table Fan

Dyson air multiplier table fan

Recommended by: Liz Wilcox

Liz Wilcox is a funny full-timer who blogs about her travels. Follow her on YouTube and Facebook.Enter your text here...

Liz moved into her RV without a clue about 8 months ago. It didn’t take her long to realize that $20 fan in the corner of the bedroom just wasn’t going to cut it.

With warm weather approaching, she’s committed to buying the Dyson Air Multiplier before the summer solstice.


RV windows

Before Reflectix

Reflectix as a camper accessory to block sunlight and keep it cool

After Reflectix

Reflectix Travel Trailer Accessory
Reflectix RV Acessories

Recommended by: Paul & Becky Kortman

Kortman Family

Paul and Becky blog about how to travel as a family at Home Along the Way. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Reflectix is a reflective insulant you can put in all your RV windows to reflect sunlight away from your camper. It keeps the inside temperature lower on those brutally hot summer days. You can use velcro strips to easily place it on the window.

Plus, it costs less than $20 a roll – how’s that for an RV hack?

Outdoor & Camping Accessories

Just because you’re in an RV doesn’t mean you’re not camping! From propane fire pits to hiking gear, these RV accessories will help you get the most fun from the great outdoors.

Portable Propane Fire Pit

Recommended by: Heather and her family of six

Heather from Faith Takes Flight

Find Heather and her big family of six full-timers at Faith Takes Flight

“I can’t underestimate how lovely it is to produce fire within moments and enjoy a warm evening outside smoke-free. Knowing that I won’t need to do a load of laundry and anticipate showers after a campfire means that we enjoy them much more often.

Hauling or finding local firewood is no longer an issue. Want smores? No problem!

Our kids love that they don’t have to give up their favorite fireplace pastime. Plus, we find that offering an evening around the fireplace is a great way to enjoy time with new friends we’ve met along the road.”


Hammock camping

You can’t talk about camper accessories without adding hammocks. These are one of my favorite parts of RVing! Nothing like an afternoon nap or reading in a hammock.

Solar Oven

Solar Oven

It’s a blisteringly hot summer day. You don’t want to stand in front of a hot stove or run the oven in your RV.

What do you do?

Pull out the solar oven! This thing can cook stew, mac n’ cheese, and even Indian dishes, just by sitting in the sun. It comes with a full recipe guide as well.

Boondocking & Dry Camping Accessories

Not everyone wants to hook up at an RV park. Sometimes, the best spots are those in the middle of nowhere next to a lake or in a desert.

To help fill out this section, we have boondocking lovers Jason and Nikki Wynn from Gone With the Wynns.

Recommended by: Jason & Nikki Wynn

Jason and Nikki Wynn

Jason and Nikki Wynn are full-time travelers. First an RV, then a sailboat! Check out their resource page for RV wild camping.

“The items for us that help extend our time wild camping are by far the most important. Composting toilet, Solar and Lithium Batteries took our week-long wild camping adventures and turned them into 2-3 week off-grid vacations.”

Collapsible Dish Pan

Collapsible dish pan for boondocking and dry camping

Recommended by: Marissa & Nathan

Marissa and Nathan from Less Junk More Journey

Marissa, Nathan, and their daughter Hensley run Less Junk More Journey, a blog about minimalism and full-time travel! 

“The pan above (or any cheap pan that fits your particular sink) is awesome for dry camping. The water can be dumped or flushed into the black tank to save on gray storage while boondocking.

We also use it to catch the water while our shower heats up and we wash the dishes with that water so there is no wastage. Simple, but effective.”

Lithium Jump Starter

Lithium Jump Starter

Also recommended by Marissa and Nathan is this jump starter.

“We also have this jump starter that has been very handy. It can charge devices and jump start a vehicle when needed. Very portable.”

There’s nothing worse than boondocking and getting stuck in the middle of the woods. This can help prevent that.

Note: You may also want a good battery charger to fill up your RV batteries.

Camper Space-Savers

Because space in an RV is so limited, items that make organization easier are a must. Luckily, there are TONS of RV storage ideas floating around.

To help us with this section, Hudson and Emily gave us their two must have space-saving gadgets. (For more space-saving ideas, check out our full RV organization guide!)

Custom Drawer Organizers

OrganizeMyDrawer Custom Drawer Organizers for RVers and Campers

Higher Hangers

Higher Hangers for RV Storage

Recommended by: Hudson & Emily

Hudson and Emily Full-time RVers

Hudson and Emily blog about their full-time travels with a unique twist: It’s really a blog about marriage!

“The Higher Hangers allow clothes to hang higher, so we were able to add a second bar to hang our clothes on. Doubling our closet space has been great!

Plus the drawer organizers can be fit to any drawer. We now have a place for everything.”

Essential Internet Connection Accessories

One of the biggest complaints of full-timers (and people vacationing in an RV) is having a hard time getting online.

Campground wifi is usually no good; and even if it is, if you happen to get a spot far away from the office, you’re screwed.

Luckily, with these gadgets, you’ll stay connected (almost) all the time!

(Note: This article isn’t meant to be a comprehensive guide to mobile internet. If that’s what you’re after, check out Technomadia’s incredibly thorough guide. Chris and Cherie know their stuff.)



View now (Use coupon code “WFRGEEKS” for 5% off!)

Recommended by SO many RVers, it’s hard to give credit.

This nifty contraption allows you to pick up wifi up to two miles away! It serves as a wifi signal booster so you won’t have to worry about being parked a mile from the campground router. Even better, it allows you to “tether” multiple wifi signals together to create an even faster wifi.

The best part, however, is that it encrypts your connection. With the massive number of unsecured wifi signals you’ll be connected to, this is what I’d be concerned about. You’ll be nice and secure!

Note: Get the “Sky2 Pack” or above. The “Core” and “GoAC” are indoor solutions that won’t pick up a signal by themselves. The more expensive packages have a longer range (2500 ft up to 2 miles) and a faster speed (650 MHz to 720 MHz).

Here’s a video by the RV geeks on how to install the WifiRanger:

Mobile Hotspot & Signal Booster

Verizon Jetpack
weboost mobile data signal booster

Mobile hotspots like the MiFi Jetpack offered by Verizon give you a way to stay connected without wifi. Combine that with a signal booster like the WeBoost 4G to get a signal almost anywhere.

Unfortunately, you face the problem of limited data.

If you’re a Netflix binger (or a gamer, like us), you’ll chew through half a gig of data in one 30 minute episode. If you have 10 gigs, that’s just 10 hours of Netflix. One or two binges per month.

Of course, Verizon recently released an unlimited plan, but they throttle your data to 3G after a certain point.

Tetherable Phone

Tetherable Phone

Recommended by: Nathan & Renee

Wandrly Family

Nathan and Renee run Wandrly Magazine, an e-zine dedicated to helping people become full-timers and sharing their travels.

“For our life, and my slice of it, in particular, I love having my phone, tetherable, so I can work from just about anywhere. That’s AT&T + Verizon in the US and T-Mobile in MX / Canada.”

(In case you didn’t know, most smartphones can be used as mobile hotspots to access the internet. This is also called tethering.)

Miscellaneous RV Accessories

Last but not least, we have a few cool gadgets that just didn’t fit in any of the other categories.

Without further ado, here they are:



Recommended by: Do It Yourself RV

Do It Yourself RV logo

Do It Yourself RV is a blog dedicated to helping RVers do everything from modding their RV to fixing it all by themselves

While paper maps are still very prevalent among RVers, an RV GPS makes everything easier. They’re designed to keep your motorhome or camper from going anywhere under its height clearance. Otherwise, things like this happen.

Also, RV covers are excellent to store your RV in the winter or keep it out of the sun!

Roof Gutter Drip Extenders

Camco gutter extender spouts

Recommended by: Ray & Anne

Ray and Anne Love Your RV

Ray and Anne run Love Your RV, a site with RV tips, tricks, and mods.

If you own an RV trailer, you’ve dealt with those ugly black streaks from water dripping down the side. With these gutter drip extenders, that won’t happen anymore! Yay!

Portable Folding Propane Grill

Portable Propane Grill

Recommended by: Eric and Brittany Highland

Eric and Brittany

Eric and Brittany are full-time RVers who love to share their adventures on their blog at RVWanderlust.com.

Eric wrote a post discussing his top things to have in an RV for TrustedSource, an RV insurance provider. This came in at number two, and I had to add it to the list.

Remember, my biggest gripe about RVing is the limited cooking space! When you can cook outside easily, that eliminates the problem.

Wondering which grill to buy? Check out our guide to the top rated portable grills for RVing.

Xbox One

Xbox One

Recommended by: Ross & Amber

The Nerds

Ross and Amber run Nerds On the Road. Amber also runs Lost Kat Photography (check out her amazing photography skills!).

Nerds after our own hearts! Having an Xbox One means games, movies, and fun times even when it’s raining.

When they don’t have the internet, they rely on their library of over 500 songs and 200 movies to keep them entertained!

Extra Accessories You’ll Probably Want

Here are some other RV accessories you’ll probably want for your camper:

And that about wraps it up for RV supplies and accessories!


I hope you enjoyed this awesome list of camper accessories from people living the camper life! Wasn’t that amazing? HUGE thank you to all our contributors for making this possible. 🙂

Please share if you think it was useful! Click here to pin it on Pinterest!

Now it’s your turn: What are your MUST have RV accessories for outdoor living and camping? Have any RV hacks or tips? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy RV camping!

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