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27 Best Van Conversion Companies In the USA

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best van conversion companies

If you want a high-quality van build to start living the van life, but don’t want to build the camper van yourself, hiring a van conversion company is an excellent way to save time.

By hiring a company to build your camper van conversion, you get high-quality parts with manufacturer’s warranties, so you know your build will last.

However, they are pricier than a DIY van build, so only go this route if you have the extra money to spend!

That said, let’s dive into the best van conversion companies.

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27 Best Camper Van Conversion Companies from A to Z

We’ve listed each van conversion company below in alphabetical order by state:

1. Boho Camper Vans

  • Location: Tempe, Arizona
  • Build Cost: $45,000-$68,000
  • Models Built: Mercedes Sprinter, Ram ProMaster, Ford Transit
  • Lead Time: Around 6 weeks

Boho Camper Vans is one of our favorite van conversion companies in Arizona.

They build, rent, and sell camper vans (not to mention they offer financing options so that even if you’re unable to pay for the build outright, you’ll be able to get on the road).

One of our favorite things about Boho Camper Vans is that you’re able to rent a van to try out van life which not many companies offer. When we say that this is one of the top camper van conversion companies, we’re not lying!  

2. Off Highway Van | SLC, UT

  • Location: Salt Lake City, UT
  • Build Cost: Build starts at $150,000
  • Models Built: Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit
  • Lead Time: 8-12 weeks

With advanced engineering and design, Off Highway Van offers a range of customizable models to get you into the wild places you enjoy. Built for traveling solo or as a family of five, these nomadic basecamps are the perfect combination of rugged capabilities and luxurious features to make every trip comfortable and unforgettable.

Located in the heart of the Wasatch mountains and with a background in automotive engineering, OHV builds campervans by craftsmen who live the van lifestyle. When it comes to creating the lightest, toughest, and most spacious campervans, Off Highway Van understands what it takes and will deliver every time.

3. Campovans

  • Location: Santa Barbara, California
  • Build Cost: Average build is $85,000
  • Models Built: Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, etc.
  • Lead Time: Between 4-16 weeks

Campovans is an awesome camper van conversion company in California.

They showcase all of their van builds on their website (and from what we’ve seen, they truly showcase what van life dreams are made of).

Campovans not only builds custom vans, they have a DIY van conversion class you can take on their website for $300! This is perfect for anyone looking to renovate or remodel your camper.

4. Muse & Co. Outdoors

Muse and co outdoors
  • Location: Alameda, California
  • Build Cost: Pre-built vans are between $179,000-$189,900 (get in touch for build price)
  • Models Built: Mercedes Sprinter
  • Lead Time: Between 10-12 weeks

Muse & Co. Outdoors was founded in 2005 and for the past 15+ years they’ve been cultivating the perfect custom van conversion.

They offer three van conversion configurations:

  • A two-passenger van
  • A three, four, or five-passenger van
  • A two or four-passenger van

All of their custom vans are built using sustainable and healthy materials that are better for the environment and good for you. They’ve come to be known as a professional van conversion company (and we couldn’t recommend them more)!

5. Colorado Camper Van

  • Location: Loveland, Colorado
  • Build Cost: $12,500-$35,000+
  • Models Built: Various models
  • Lead Time: At least 4-5 weeks

If you’re looking for one of the best camper van conversion companies in Colorado, look no further than Colorado Camper Van. They’ve been doing camper van conversions since 2009 and have no plans on stopping anytime soon!

If you’re looking for a company that does more than custom vans, Colorado Camper Van has you covered there, too. They’ll put a pop top on your low, mid, or high roof van!

The best part? They offer financing with any van build.

6. Rossmönster Vans

Rossmo nster vans
  • Location: Longmont, Colorado
  • Build Cost: Pre-built vans are between $43,000-$215,000 (get in touch for build price)
  • Models Built: Mercedes Sprinter and overland rigs
  • Lead Time: Around 3 weeks

This Colorado camper van conversion company started in 2010 as custom woodworkers, carpenters, and engineers with a passion for the outdoors. That’s when Rossmönster Vans was born (and their camper van conversions are incredible).

‘Mönster’ in the Swedish language means “to design and create artistically, simply, and skillfully”, which is the guiding inspiration going into each and every project the Rossmönster team produces. In addition to their van builds, they have overland builds available!

7. The Vansmith

  • Location: Boulder, Colorado
  • Build Cost: $25,000-$100,000+
  • Models Built: Ram Promaster and Mercedes Sprinter
  • Lead Time: Between 2-3 months

The Vansmith is a camper van conversion company that has built camper vans for people all over the United States. In fact, they pride themselves on being one of the best van conversion companies around!

They don’t just do van conversions, either. They also offer:

  • Window, floor, and ceiling installations
  • Solar panels
  • Electrical systems and Webasto heating
  • Roof racks, pop-tops, awnings, and lights

It’s not often that campervan conversion companies offer these services – we recommend you reach out to The Vansmith if you’re ever in the area looking for help!

Note: Click here if you’re interested in the best camper van awnings for your conversion.

8. Mango Vans

  • Location: Miami, Florida
  • Build Cost: $20,000-$100,000
  • Models Built: Ford Transit, Ram Promaster and Mercedes Sprinter
  • Lead Time: Between 6-8 weeks

Mango Vans has an excellent team of builders, travelers, and dreamers that enjoy creating awesome tiny homes on wheels. Their philosophy is to focus on simplicity, efficiency, and sustainability. If you ask us, they showcase that in all of their van conversions!

Mango Vans has also designed what they call a “Mango Shower” – a kitchen cabinet with a counter that flips up to reveal a space for a portable toilet and removable shower curtain!

With this being said, they don’t install black water tanks. But they can put a portable toilet in a camper van for you!

9. Custom Crafted Vans

Custom crafted vans
  • Location: Boise, Idaho
  • Build Cost: $100,000-$150,000
  • Models Built: Mercedes Sprinter
  • Lead Time: Between 4-6 months

Every van conversion you’ll find at Custom Crafted Vans is completely custom and crafted for you. In fact, 30 to 60 days before your drop off date, they’ll send you 3D renders of your camper van (along with a full, detailed quote and final materials list) to ensure your van build is exactly how you want it.

They don’t offer financing plans, but they do accept credit cards. If you have a Mercedes Sprinter, this is the right van conversion company for you.

10. Brooklyn Campervans

  • Location: Brooklyn, New York
  • Build Cost: Builds Start at $92,000
  • Models Built: Mercedes Sprinter
  • Lead Time: 11 Weeks

For all of you East Coasters, Brooklyn Campervans is the highest quality campervan conversion company in the Northeast and arguably in the US. You should definitely check their gallery and see for yourself. 

They combine a clean modern aesthetic with the latest technology. Their simple power solution can run the AC off-grid for over 35 hours. Pair that with their satellite internet modifications and you can live in luxury anywhere. Their BKC Swing Out Panels are also unique to Brooklyn Campervans.

They may have existing vans for sale, but the best part is you can really customize your van to look however you like! Reach out to Arthur and the team and ask about their interactive online van builder!

11. Sportsmobile

  • Location: Huntington, Indiana
  • Build Cost: Starts at $85,000 (van included!)
  • Models Built: Various models
  • Lead Time: Within a few months

Sportsmobile has been a van conversion company since the 1960s, meaning it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing with your camper van! They have standard van builds but, if you’re feeling creative, you can opt for one of their custom van conversion packages.

Something that makes this custom conversion company better than the rest? They make custom adventure vans for everyone – including those in wheelchairs! You’re also able to get financing for the vehicle for up to 50% of the build.

We really love that they build their camper vans on a Ford Transit chassis with 4WD.

12. Red’s Custom Design

Red's custom design
  • Location: English, Indiana
  • Build Cost: Prices vary depending on each build
  • Models Built: Various models
  • Lead Time: Between 8-10 weeks

Red’s Custom Design is owned by a man named Eric Reddon (Red for short, hence the name).

This van conversion company might have a small team, but boy do they deliver. They find elegance in simplicity, while making sure you live the van life of your dreams.

They don’t just work on camper van conversions, either. From cargo vans, box trucks, tractors, and everything in between, they’ve got you covered.

At Reds, your satisfaction is guaranteed before anything. They don’t start ordering a single thing before you confirm your vision with them. The team at Reds wants your van to feel like home.

13. Off Grid Adventure Camper Vans

Off grid aventures camper van
  • Location: Frederick, Maryland
  • Build Cost: Prices depend on model and build
  • Models Built: Any camper van
  • Lead Time: Between  2 ½- 3 months (could be longer for a custom build)

Off Grid Adventure Vans (also called OGAVans) was created from a love of “VanLife” and the freedom of being on the road. The team at OGAVans is passionate about building a natural campervan conversion that enhances the joy of traveling.

OGAVans has an incredible team of designers, carpenters,  electricians, painters, etc. You’re able to pick from standard van models or customize your own van to your liking.

While they don’t personally offer financing, they’ve partnered with a few automotive dealers to finance the van conversion when combined with the purchase of a new vehicle.

Note: OGAVans recommends that customers establish a rough budget for the van and conversion before approaching auto dealers so that you have a reasonable understanding of your likely payments and whether you will qualify.    

14. Coastal Conversions

  • Location: Baltimore, Maryland
  • Build Cost: $65,000-$100,000+
  • Models Built: Various Models
  • Lead Time: Ranges for each custom build

Another great camper van conversion company in Maryland is Coastal Conversions.

They use innovative techniques to create beautifully crafted vans using only top quality components in all of their builds.

A designer talks to you throughout the entire van conversion, too. Each and every step is not only carefully calculated by their team, but by you as well!

If you’re in the market for a custom camper, we highly recommend Coastal Conversions!

15. Drifter Vans

Drifter vans
  • Location: Detroit, Michigan
  • Build Cost: Price varies depending on the build
  • Models Built: Ford Transit, Ram Promaster and Mercedes Sprinter
  • Lead Time: Between 6-8 weeks

​Paul and his team of designers, interior designers, engineers, and craftsmen at Drifter Vans understand the importance of quality materials and workmanship. The Drifter mission is “To help people fall in love with a life on the road, by creating vans that allow you to explore in bliss”.

This is one of the best camper van conversion companies because they want your build to be simple, pain-free, collaborative and fun! They have a five-step process to create the camper van of your dreams (and keep you in the loop throughout the entire process).

16. Vanna Adventure Vans

Vanna adventure vans
  • Location: Moorhead, Minnesota
  • Build Cost: Depends on the build
  • Models Built: Various models
  • Lead Time: Between 2-4 months

If you’re ever in Minnesota and need a camper van conversion done by people who care about you and your vision, look no further than Vanna Adventure Vans. They’re slogan is “You dream it, we build it”.

The best part about Vanna Adventure Vans is that you’re in control of the entire build (as you should be, it is your camper van after all)! They leave all elements up to you, including (but not limited to)

  • Custom interior (including layout, hardware, appliances, and more).
  • Custom exterior (including Van Compass suspension and lifts, roof racks, ladders, rear door accessories, paint, all terrain tires, and more).

All in all, this van conversion company just wants to build the most reliable off-grid, four-season vehicles using the world’s most advanced technology.

17. Everest Conversions, Inc.

Everest conversions
  • Location: Battlefield, Missouri
  • Build Cost: $44,000+
  • Models Built: Various models
  • Lead Time: Around 5 weeks

Everest Conversions, Inc. is a custom van conversion builder that provides durable (and luxurious) van conversions tailored to suit adventure seekers, leisurely travelers, and mobile lifestyle enthusiasts.

The team at Everest Conversions Inc. has been providing customers with top-quality service since 2017 and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

They have a team of highly experienced engineers, carpenters, plumbers, and electricians that  work hard to give you the perfect home away from home.

18. Beartooth Vanworks

Beartooth vanworks
  • Location: Belgrade, Montana
  • Build Cost: $75,000+
  • Models Built: Ford Transit, Ram Promaster, Mercedes Sprinter, etc
  • Lead Time: About 14 weeks

Beartooth Vanworks may be one of the best camper van conversion companies in Montana.

They have pre-built van conversions available or, if you want to take the creative reins, you can get a custom camper van conversion done!

First, you take a survey on their website so they can better understand you/your vision. From there, you get a preliminary design, detailed quote, and they start building! Between working on sprinter and transit vans, these van builders will certainly take care of you!

19. Catapult A.V.

Catapult a.v
  • Location: Reno, Nevada
  • Build Cost: $25,000-$100,000
  • Models Built: Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter
  • Lead Time: Within a few months

Catapult A.V. works closely with their clients to create a custom design that fits their adventure vehicle vision perfectly. Because each design is custom built, they don’t offer any standard van built packages. This means, you have full creative rein over determining colors, textures, finishes and functionality!

Most of their components are designed and fabricated in-house, which gives you endless customization options.

20. Downeast Custom Vans

  • Location: Somersworth, New Hampshire
  • Build Cost: They ask that you use their Van Estimator for ballpark prices
  • Models Built: Various models
  • Lead Time: Between 3-4 months

If you’re looking for camper van conversion companies that are just as passionate about your build as you are, Downeast Custom Vans is the place for you.

Each build offers a one-of-a-kind blend of form and function to meet your specific needs. No van conversion is the same!

They build hot & cold water delivery systems, full bathrooms and shower solutions, as well as propane or diesel heating systems for winter camping. This camper van conversion company has really thought of everything!

21. Sequoia & Salt

Sequoia and salt
  • Location: Wall, New Jersey
  • Build Cost: $35,000+
  • Models Built: Ram Promaster
  • Lead Time: Between 4-6 weeks

The main goal at Sequoia & Salt? To help you adventure in style. They’ve built an incredible team to help you create the van of your dreams.

The team believes that everyone deserves to travel in style. Which is why they offer financing for your van conversion with Hearth! The benefits of getting it include:

  • Loan amounts up to $100,000
  • Affordable monthly payment options
  • Funding within 1-3 days
  • No prepayment penalties
  • No home equity required

If you’re ever in New Jersey looking for custom conversions, Sequoia & Salt is perfect for you!

22. Carolina Van Builders

Carolina van builders
  • Location: Boone, North Carolina
  • Build Cost: $80,000 to $115,000
  • Models Built: Ram Promaster
  • Lead Time: Within a few months

Carolina Van Builders offers three van layouts that they build here in house:

  1. The Carolina
  2. The Rambler
  3. The Basecamp.

These are built on a Promaster 159″ high roof chassis. Customization is available when pre ordered (or if the van is customer supplied).

They strive to create beautiful, functional, and original designs to fulfill your nomadic dreams. It doesn’t matter if you’re a weekend camper or a hardcore boondocker. Carolina Van Builders has you covered.

23. Free Life Vans

Free life vans
  • Location: Durham, North Carolina
  • Build Cost: $5,000-$80,000+
  • Models Built: Ram Promaster
  • Lead Time: Between 2-3 months

Whether you need a design for a full build out or help finalizing your plans, Free Life Vans can guide you through the whole process! Their mission is to give people the freedom and flexibility to travel in comfort.

Free Life Vans specializes in converting your new (or used) van into the perfect tiny home on wheels. If you have a vision, this is one one of the best camper van conversion companies to build it.

24. Overland Van Project

Overland van project
  • Location: Portland, Oregon
  • Build Cost: $75,000+
  • Models Built: Various Models
  • Lead Time: Within 10-14 weeks

The team at Overland Van Project is dedicated to helping retirees, millennials, families, and co-pilot pups explore more (and make memories from the comfort of their custom adventure vans). They offer both semi-custom and fully-custom conversions.

Your build-out is covered by a 1-year warranty for any issues with material or installation. If you’re ever in Portland, Oregon and want a custom van conversion done, be sure to visit them!

25. Vanture Customs

  • Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Build Cost: $35,000+
  • Models Built: Ford Transit, Ram Promaster and Mercedes Sprinter
  • Lead Time: Between 2-3 months

Vanture Customs specializes in transforming cargo vans into premium campers. They’ll build onto the cargo van you already have or do a fully custom build! They offer financing through Hearth and will work with you to get the best price available!

Vanture Customs also offers a rent-to-build special. You’re able to try their vans before you buy from them!

 Not only that; if you spend $500 or more on a rental, you can put that toward the build of a custom van! Because of this, we’d consider this place to be one of the best camper van conversion companies out there.

26. Bodhi Vans

Bodhi vans
  • Location: Nashville, Tennessee
  • Build Cost: $70,000+
  • Models Built: Ram Promaster and Mercedes Sprinter
  • Lead Time: Depends on the build

The team at Bodhi Vans has 16 years of woodworking, metalworking, and engineering experience. They love creating vans that take their customers and friends on new adventures.

Building vans is more than just a business for them; it’s their opportunity to share their passion for good design and the peace and joys that access to nature can bring oneself.

They pride themselves on the custom, unique builds they do. If you’re ever in need of a van conversion company in the Nashville area, be sure to stop by Bodhi Vans!

27. Vanbase

  • Location: Woodinville, Washington
  • Build Cost: Depends on the build you’re after
  • Models Built: Mercedes Sprinter
  • Lead Time: Between 4-6 months

Vanbase has one simple goal in mind…

They want to build a simple cabin for people to travel in and use as a base camp for whatever gets them outside.

They work very closely with their customers to make sure every element in their van build is correct. They use quality marine industry materials and equipment in their builds that create cozy warm interiors, too!

Shaun Kelly (the owner of Vanbase) grew up on a sailboat built by his father in Seattle and in the San Juan Islands, so it’s safe to say he knows what it’s like to live on the road (or, in his case, water). You can trust him and his team to build out the van of your dreams!

Pros & Cons of Using Camper Van Conversion Companies

Like most things, there are both pros and cons to using van conversion companies. Here’s what we think:


  • Build quality: Because you’re working with professional van conversion companies, you can count on each build to be solid.
  • Most van conversion companies come with a warranty: If something breaks, you’re able to take it back to get a free repair.
  • Fixed price: Once you and the company have decided on the build and materials, you get a fixed price. No extra costs will be added (unless you add something on).
  • Better resale value: When you get a professional van conversion company to build your van, the conversion will retain its value better than your typical DIY one
  • Easier to get insurance: More insurance companies will be willing to insure the vehicle if it was converted by professionals


  • Prices can be pretty high: It’ll typically cost you a lot more to get a professional van conversion company to work on your van than a DIY conversion. With this said, there is a better resale value (as we just talked about above) and you’ll know that everything was done correctly
  • Limited model choice: Depending on where you live/go to get your van conversion done, you may find that some companies only do certain models.
  • Harder to fix if something goes wrong: You may find that you’re unable to fix equipment yourself if something breaks. However (as stated above), most van conversion companies offer a warranty.
  • You may be limited on what you can customize: If it’s not sold by the van conversion supplier, they may not be willing to add certain accessories into your van.

With all of this said, we truthfully believe that the pros outweigh the cons. In our mind, it’s better to pay a bit more for something that you want to last, rather than doing it yourself with the potential of messing it up.

While we love a good DIY project, we’ve come to realize that sometimes mistakes cost way more than if we had just gone to a professional in the first place!

What to Expect When Working With a Conversion Company

Typically, you’ll reach out to the van conversion company via phone, email, or social media. From there, you’ll explain your vision and they’ll let you know if they’re able to build it out (or not).

We recommend that you stay open-minded when talking to professional van conversion companies – chances are, they’ve done more conversions than they can count and may have a better approach on how to do certain things.

Once your vision is written down, they’ll get to work on a 3D render. You’ll see what they’re coming up with and, depending on your thoughts, you’ll be able to give the go ahead for them to start the build!

At this point, the company will send you a finalized floor plan and detailed contract along with the final price. You’ll leave your camper van with them for a few weeks (or months) while they build everything out. After this, you’re able to pick up your van (or have it delivered to you)!

Note: All van conversion companies are different. Some may not offer a 3D rendition of your camper van and will only be able to give you a finalized floor plan.

As long as everything looks good to you – feel free to give the go ahead! Don’t be afraid to speak up if you want something changed after they hand you the floor plan, though. This is your camper van. Make sure it’s exactly how you want it.

Questions to Ask Before You Start Your Build

A few questions we recommend you ask the van conversion company are:

  1. Do you offer financing? What about a warranty? If so, what do each of these cover? How long do they last?
  2. What are the steps you take before the build process? Will I get a 3D rendition of my camper van?
  3. Do you have any ideas on how we can make this custom build a bet better? Anything that I (as the customer) may have looked over?
  4. How many conversions have you done on the vehicle I’m bringing you? Can you provide pictures or testimonials from past builds?
  5. Is there a way I’d be able to see and test drive one of your finished builds?
  6. Does the final price for my build include tax?
  7. Is there a more accurate date my custom camper van will be done?
  8. Is this build guaranteed?

Don’t be afraid to ask these or any other question you may have!

Trust us, you’ll want to know what you’re getting yourself into (and you want to make sure that who you choose to work on your campervan will treat it with the respect and care it deserves)!

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