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11 Amazing Sprinter Van Conversions to Inspire Your Build

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11 amazing sprinter van conversions to inspire your build

If you ask us, there’s no better way to explore the country than by purchasing a camper van and living out your van life dreams!

Whether you get a Mercedes Sprinter to convert or a custom van, you’re bound to find something that works for you!

If you decide you want to build your own DIY sprinter van conversion, you’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’ll take you through the top 11 sprinter van conversions made by people living their best van life today!

Let’s dive in.

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Top 11 Sprinter Van Conversions

While there are tons of camper van conversion companies out there, we wanted to showcase van lifers who decided to take matters into their own hands!

1. Tío Aventura’s Sprinter Van Conversion

Ti o aventura

MarIajosé & Chase from Tío Aventura have been traveling full-time in their 2016 Mercedes Sprinter camper van with their two dogs, Jake and Pablo, for the past few years!

They have a beautiful kitchen, which includes custom countertops, an awesome electric stove, plenty of storage space, and more! They also have a wet bath and a murphy bed in the back of their van. Take a peek inside their camper van conversion here:

Inside tio aventura van

We absolutely love how modern and clean their camper van looks! Feel free to follow their journey on YouTube here.

2. Kristin from Where the Road Forks Camper Van Conversion

Kristin's camper van conversion

Kristin from Where the Road Forks seems to have van life figured out. She travels with her dog, Kashi, and absolutely loves van life!

She built her sprinter van conversion by herself after realizing that the 9-5 workday wasn’t for her. If you need a solo female traveler to look to for advice, Kristin is definitely the girl to help!

Here’s a peek at the inside of her sprinter van conversion:

Kristins sprinter van

Thanks to the high roof in this beautiful van, Kristin was able to install a skylight which makes her living space feel more open. We want to say that this is one of the best sprinter van conversions we’ve seen!

3. Roaming With Rob’s Sprinter Van Conversion

Roaming with rob

Rob and his partner Laura love beaches, nature, and most of all, van life! Their sprinter van conversion is one of our favorites (and we absolutely love their pull out kitchen:

Pull out kitchen

These two live in Australia and bring their sprinter camper van with them everywhere! They have more than enough room for the two of them and are truly living the American dream (or, in this case, the Australian dream)!

4. The Fites Sprinter Van Conversion

The fites sprinter van

The Fites are a family of four (plus their dog) who have their own sprinter van conversion that they live in full time! They found a 2016 Ford Transit that came with an extended wheelbase cargo model as well as 360 windows!

They have one of the coolest sprinter van conversions we’ve ever seen, too. Not only do they have bunk beds for their kids, they have a makeshift back porch attached to their sprinter van!

The fites bunkbed

If you’re interested in following along with their adventures, check out their YouTube channel here. 

5. Bai & Den’s Sprinter Van Conversion

Bai and den

Bai and Den have been living out of their camper van for more than a year. So far, they’ve built two sprinter van conversions and absolutely love van life!

While some sprinter camper vans can seem a bit crowded, Bai and Den were able to renovate their interior space beautifully:

Inside bai and dens van

As you can see, they have a custom built countertop, oven and two stove burners, plenty of storage, and so much more. This converted van is one of our favorites and their van build proves that you’re able to make the space inside your own van feel like home!

6. Linnea & Akela’s Sprinter Van Conversion

Linnea & akela

Linnea and her dog, Akela, travel the country in their sprinter camper van and absolutely love it.

Not only did Linnea build her entire sprinter camper van by herself, she’s a solo female traveler and is always doing what she can to make her own van feel more like home.

You can check out her van life adventures on her YouTube channel (or follow her on Instagram here):

7. Oksana & Max’s Sprinter Van Conversion

Oksana & max sprinter van conversion

Oksana & Max are a Canadian couple inspired by the world, fueled by curiosity, a sense of adventure, and a desire to make a positive impact on the destinations and communities they visit.

They’ve been traveling full-time in their sprinter camper van since 2015 and are currently traveling through Canada!

Check out their sprinter van conversion here:

8. Sara And Alex’s Sprinter Camper Van

Sara and alex james

Sarah and Alex currently travel full-time in their Mercedes Sprinter camper van with their two children and absolutely love van life. Originally, Sarah and Alex were traveling the country in their own van and now, they build sprinter van conversions for others!

Check out the interior of this sprinter camper van they’ve built:

Inside sara and alex's van

If you want to follow their journey (and see all of the custom sprinter cargo vans they’ve built), check out their YouTube channel!

9. Seth & Scarlett’s Sprinter Camper Van

Seth and scarlett's van

Seth and Scarlett (along with their cat, Lula) have one of the coolest sprinter camper vans out there. From the floor plan to the high roof design, this custom build is easily one of our favorites!

Check out the living area of their sprinter van:

Inside seth and scarletts van

We love the hexagon tiles, the custom storage, wooden countertops, and (in truth) everything about this sprinter camper van.

If you want to see the full tour of their sprinter camper van build, check out this video below:

10. Larissa’s Sprinter Camper Van Conversion

Larissa s sprinter camper van conversion

We absolutely love Larissa’s sprinter camper van conversion! Her 2014 Mercedes Sprinter van looks very modern and very homey. The skylight, open back door, and light over the sink makes the space inside this custom van look like a longer van (which helps when you’re living in such a small space).

This converted van has an awesome slide-out table that extends from under the bed which is great for drinks or working while on the road!

Feel free to follow along with Larissa’s adventures on her YouTube channel here!

11. Jake and Gianna’s Sprinter Camper Van

Jake and gianna's van

This sprinter van makes us want to jump straight into van life! Jake and Gianna’s van conversion is very modern and sleek and feels incredibly welcoming.

They started their journey in a sprinter van camper conversion and now build Skoolies for those interested in living the American dream on the road!

Within their own converted van, they have additional seating (with seatbelts) for extra passengers, have a full shower, and they have a fixed bed with a gear garage beneath that holds all of their solar equipment!

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