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100 Best Camping Gear to Conquer the Wilderness

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Sponsors help keep our quality content free!

Looking for the best camping gear in 2022?

We were, too. So we asked 20 camping experts what their camping must haves are.

We decided to find the best camping essentials right from the people who use them all the time!

Use this guide to skip the camping gear that’s a waste of money and only buy the camping supplies you’ll love having out in nature!

Here’s an overview of all the people we asked:

Table of Contents

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Best Camping Gear 2022

From car camping to tent camping, here’s the best hiking & camping gear items of 2022, as told by the experts!

Also, check out these awesome camping quotes to get ready for your next camping trip!

Our Personal Top 3 Picks

Here at The Wandering RV, we personally use and love these three camping supplies nearly every time we go on a camping trip:

Now – onto the other campers!

1. Joey from Cool of the Wild

Joey and her partner are mad about gear (and camping trips). They’re always willing to try new things, go new places, and generally have endless enthusiasm for any excuse to get out there and enjoy the outdoor world (sounds like they’re living the life!).

Joey recommends the following camping equipment:

She also recommends carrying a machete if you’re going deep into the wilderness!

2. Ewan from Wild About Scotland

Ewan may be passionate about camping, but as the name of his website suggests, he’s wild for Scotland.  In fact, Trespass Blog Awards voted his website “Best UK Camping Blog” in both 2014 and 2016!

So, yeah. It’s safe to say that when it comes to camping gear, he knows what to bring. He recommends you bring:

3. Kim from Camping for Foodies

Kim is a camping, hiking, and cooking fanatic! She’s a frequent contributor to AZ Outdoor Magazine and even has her own cooking segment on the Great Food Good Neighbors TV show.

She recently shared her top three must-have camping accessories to bring along with you during your camping trip, including cook equipment and sleeping accessories:

4. Shanti from Hike it Baby

Back in 2013, Shanti started casually hiking with some family friends. When more people wanted to join in, Shanti decided to turn Hike it Baby into a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families around the US.

She also just wrote a book about hiking with babies and toddlers called “Hike It Baby: 100 Awesome Outdoor Adventures with Babies and Toddlers“!

Shanti’s favorite gear are all perfect for your families camping trip, with plenty of camping furniture!

5. Shell from Camping with Style

Meet Shell! A full time marketing consultant and the editor of Camping with Style. Starting her blog helped her stay on track after breaking her back due to a snowboarding accident in 2014 while promoting a healthier lifestyle. 

Shell recommends the following camping gear (and her sleeping bag recommendation is high on our list):

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6. Kate from Adventures of Kate

Kate is an award winning outdoor and adventure blogger and absolutely loves being near the mountains and the sea. She also shares her bucket list on her blog, which is insanely awesome (she’s done quite a lot)!

Kate recommends bringing these camping accessories on all of your camping trips:

7. Michael from Fresh Off the Grid

Michael and his partner Megan first started Fresh Off the Grid back in 2015 as a resource for outdoor enthusiasts. They came to realize that their home cooked meals were a bit too complicated to make outdoors and that most camping meals are “unhealthy” (not to mention, hot dogs get boring after awhile).

With a bit of determination, they were able to turn their website into a kick ass recipe blog. Michael recommends bringing this camping gear:

8. Thomas from The Armchair Mountaineer

Thomas is an Entrepreneur, Blogger, Mountain Enthusiast and Bibliophile. Back in 2016, he realized he was burnt out from the constant rat race and completely redesigned his life.

He now blogs about all things outdoors (and even has some awesome gear reviews to check out!). Here’s what Thomas told us was the best gear:

9. Sarah from Inspired Camping

Sarah wears a lot of hats – she’s a Performance Coach, consultant, trainer, freelance writer, glamping business coach, inspirational speaker and Book Producer (holy smokes!).

Through her blog, you’ll find expert advice on camping as well as a “Glamping” business course to get your glamp on yourself!

She recommends bringing the following camping supplies:

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10. Luna from Hiker Track

Luna graduated from college with a degree in business and became an office worker the moment after she graduated. After realizing she wanted to see more than four walls (and craving some outdoor fun), she and her best friends decided to travel to new destinations while sharing what they’ve learned in hopes of helping others.

Luna recommends bringing these camping supplies:

11. Gav from Get Out With the Kids

Gav is a father of three and loves getting out and about (whether it’s hiking, running, camping, cycling, canoeing, etc.). 

He co-founded Get Out With the Kids in hopes of helping other parents enjoy the great outdoors with their families (even if you just do some car camping here and there).

Gav recommends bringing:

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12. Jen from Outdoor Families Magazine

Jen is the writer/editor at Outdoor Family Magazine (she also oversees the overall design, aesthetic and content direction of the magazine). 

She also writes about her families travels and multi-cultural living! Jen recommends bringing:

13. Jamie from Hiking Girl with Dog

Jamie is the creator, writer, and photographer of Hiking Girl with Dog and absolutely loves the outdoors.

More than that, though, she loves hiking with her pup, Xena (who is hands down one of the cutest hiking dogs we’ve ever seen).

Jamie recommends bringing this gear on your next camping trip:

Bonus: Best Hiking Gear 2018

Because camping and hiking are so similar (and usually go hand-in-hand) we decided to reach out to some awesome hiking experts to get their input, too!

14. Adam from Hiking the Trail

Adam is an avid hiker (and backpacker) who find himself on the trail when he’s not working. He first started his blog as a journal to prepare his hiking trip on the Appalachian Trail back in 2013.

Now, he shares his outdoor life through trip reports, travel, gear reviews, and more.

Adam recommends bringing:

15. Derek from The Ultimate Hang

Derek is a lightweight backpacker, former Scoutmaster, and refers to himself as a “hammock enthusiast”. Hammocks are great for hikes but are even better on camping trips! If you’re RVing you may even have room for a hammock stand.

He loves all things related to hammocks and was kind enough to share his top two recommendations:

16. Brad from Bike Hike Safari

Brad is an Australian biker, hiker, photographer, and all-around nature lover. He aims to live by his dreams and takes each day as it comes.

P.S. The hiking boots he recommends also make great cycling shoes!

Brad recommends bringing:

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17. Carol from Hiking Lady

Hiking Lady is an online publication dedicated to helping women embrace the outdoors. They provide answers to questions you should know the answer to, but probably don’t (such as how to properly prevent blisters and how many calories you burn while hiking).

We were lucky to get Carol to give us her top two recommendations, which are:

18. Lucy from Two Blondes Walking

Lucy and her partner Fi (also known as blonde one and blonde two) love to walk all over. However, they say there’s nothing better than throwing their rucksacks on, getting their map and compass out, and setting out across the moor.

Whether they do some car camping or bring their sleeping bags wand a tent, they love being outdoors. Lucy recommends bringing:

19. Jason from Feed the Habit

Feed the Habit is known as the original back-country blog (mainly because it was around before blogs were even invented!). We were lucky to get Jason to give us his top three accessories for hiking trips.

Here’s Jason’s best hiking gear (make sure you don’t pass up that sleeping pad):

20. Tom from Two-Heel Drive

Tom is a seasoned hiker, B2B Content Marketer, and also runs a technology marketing blog! With how busy he may be, he was more than welcome to share his top three accessories to bring along on a hiking trip.

Such as:

21. Top Picks from The Wandering RV

We also have three hiking gear recommendations for you! (Don’t forget the insect repellent!)

Whether we’re enjoying some outdoor recreation, we always bring:

Other Cool Camping & Hiking Gear

The following camping & hiking equipment weren’t recommended by anyone, but we wanted this to be a complete list, so we’re recommending them based on extensive research. Enjoy!


We’re so thankful for everyone who participated in this massive guide to the best camping gear – we couldn’t have written it without you! 

Over to you: If you have camp tools, cook equipment, RV accessories, or sleeping bags you bring along with you while camping and hiking in the great outdoors and want to be featured in this post, feel free to send us your top three recommendations! Leave them in the comments below. 

And as always, thanks for reading! Now go camping 🙂

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