Best Portable Grills for RVing or Traveling in 2017

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Looking for the best portable grill for your money?We were too. So we scoured the web for reviews and tested the best grills, from the Weber Q2200 to the Camco Olympian, to answer one simple question:What’s the best portable grill in 2017?The answer depends, of course, on your grilling and BBQ needs. There is no “one… Read More

Bethel Outdoor Adventure and Campground Review

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Bethel Outdoor Adventure and Campground Review

Kayla and I stayed at Bethel Outdoor Adventure and Campground in Bethel, Maine for five weeks. We work camped there in order to stay for “free”. After over a month of exploring the area, eating the cuisine, and hauling canoes, we’ve got a pretty good feel for everything. Here’s our Bethel Outdoor Adventure and Campground… Read More

Snapchat Q&A #1

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Wondering about wandering in an RV? In our first ever Snapchat Q&A we answer 10 questions from our readers about the fulltime RVing lifestyle. (Be sure to add us on Snapchat so you can see our snaps live next time and follow our adventures!) The questions are: 1. What do you do while work camping?… Read More

My 10 Favorite Travel Quotes

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Travel quotes - Mark Twain

There’s something special about a quote. The best quotes have the power to inspire one to action or to see a different viewpoint. On occasion, a really powerful quote seen at the right time is capable of instilling a feeling of awe, wonder, and excitement in your gut like nothing else can. Actually, there isn’t… Read More

Our Scooter Broke Down 100 Miles From Home

250CC 2006 Taizhou Scooter

For those of you who don’t already know, Kayla and I bought a 250CC Taizhou scooter to tow on the back of our RV. It’s excellent to get around on – over 60 miles per gallon, easy to find parking, insurance is only $75/year, and it’s easy to tow. Note: You can check out the pros… Read More

What is “Fulltiming” or “Fulltime RVing?

What is Fulltiming

“Fulltiming” (also known as “fulltime RVing”) is the act of leaving behind your home to live in an RV (Recreational Vehicle). Your RV could be a tow-behind (which come in many forms, from a small truck camper to a massive fifth wheel) or a motor home. Most people think of retirement when they hear this; Kayla and… Read More