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7 Best RV Recliners in 2023 (Review & Guide)

7 Best RV Recliners in 2021

Is your RV recliner the ultimate relaxation spot during your adventures? If so, you deserve the best comfort and style possible! Whether you’re watching movies, enjoying the view, or sipping your favorite drink, a top-notch RV recliner can make all the difference. If it’s time to upgrade your RV furniture, we’ve got your back with our guide to the best RV recliners. Get ready to find the perfect replacement to elevate your RV lounging experience!

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Top 7 Best-Selling RV Recliners of 2023

SaleBestseller No. 1
RecPro Charles Collection | 67″ Double Recliner RV Sofa & Console | RV Zero Wall Loveseat | Wall Hugger Recliner | RV Theater Seating | RV Furniture | RV Living Room (Slideout) Furniture | Mahogany
  • Overall: 67″W x 39″H x 37″D
  • Durable and easy to clean Faux Leather (Polyurethane)
  • Space saving zero wall recliners (must be 3″ from wall to allow clearance to fully recline)
  • Hard (not including armrests): 63 3/4″W x 36″D x 39″H
  • Not sure about the color? Order our Color Swatch samples.
Bestseller No. 2
Camper Comfort 65″ Wall Hugger Reclining RV | RV Theater Seats (Slate) | Double Recliner RV Sofa & Console | RV Couch | Wall Hugger Recliner | RV Theater Seating | RV Furniture
  • Manual reclining
  • Padded Armrest & Console with two cup holders
  • Only 3″ clearance required for full recline
  • 65″ Wide X 41″ Tall X 30″ Deep
  • Wall hugging fit makes this couch accessible for your camper, rv, or motorhome
Bestseller No. 3
RecPro Charles Collection | 30″ Zero Wall RV Recliner | Wall Hugger Recliner | RV Living Room (Slideout) Chair | RV Furniture | RV Chair | Cloth (2 Chairs, Fossil)
  • In your RV, you will need a comfortable place to sit for extended periods that won’t cause strain on your body over time. Our 30″ recliner can make a wonderful addition to your living space, offering maximum comfort for your back and legs with top quality materials.
  • Inside the chair is an all-metal base that’s extremely sturdy and can support plenty of weight. The exterior material is composed of strong, buttery soft, RecPro Cloth. The combination of the inside and the outside makes a chair that’s durable and strong, made to last you through many adventures to come.
  • Being a Zero Wall Hugger, it only needs 3″ of clearance from the wall from the top of the headrest for the chair to fully recline. When it comes to RV furniture and furniture in general, that’s not a lot of space. With all the extra space left over, you can move around, store, or decorate more.
Bestseller No. 4
RecPro Charles Collection | 64″ Double Recliner RV Sofa | RV Zero Wall Loveseat | Wall Hugger Recliner | RV Theater Seating | RV Furniture | RV Living Room (Slideout) Furniture (Mahogany)
  • The recliner is shipped in three separate boxes with the backs removed so that the pieces can be easily placed inside of your RV and assembled in the space. No one wants to try and get a full sofa through that small door frame. With the modular construction, you won’t have to worry about that frustrating process. Measuring 64″ wide by 39″ high by 36 1/4″ deep all put together, this reclining couch is the perfect addition to your RV lifestyle.
  • Extremely durable: From the inner mechanisms and the all-metal frame to the suprima fabric covering and reclining parachute pull cord, this couch is meant to last. With this recliner, you can forget about that factory model recliner that just isn’t holding up to the RV life.
  • Space saving zero wall recliners (must be 3″ from wall to allow clearance to fully recline)
  • Our modular furniture is able to fit through a 22″ door frame.
  • Past the function itself, the sofa is comfortable, durable, and attractive. The buttery soft Suprima fabric is super comfortable and perfect for RV travel. It’s easy to clean and comes in our four designer colors, Chestnut, Mahogany, Toffee, and Putty.
SaleBestseller No. 5
RecPro Charles Collection | 58″ Double Recliner RV Sofa | RV Zero Wall Loveseat | Wall Hugger Recliner | RV Theater Seating | RV Furniture | RV Sofa | RV Sofa Bed | RV Couch | Mahogany
  • Color: Mahogany
  • Durable and easy to clean Faux Leather (Polyurethane)
  • Space saving zero wall recliners (must be 3″ from wall to allow clearance to fully recline)
  • Hard (not including armrests): 54 1/2″W x 36″D x 39″H
  • Modular structure – Allows for easy installation
Bestseller No. 6
Thomas Payne RV Euro Recliner with Footrest -Vinyl Altoona
  • MULTIPLE STYLE OPTIONS — Choose between three, all-new PolyHyde vinyl upholstery colors: Millbrae, Altoona, and Grummond — or Norlina, our woven-fabric solution, which is great for RV owners traveling with kids or pets
  • SIMPLE OPERATION —The Thomas Payne Euro Chair is an easy way to relax on the road. With one pull of the manual, side lever, you can fully recline up to 59” for optimal comfort
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT — Made with a high-density, foam core interior, padded armrests and headrest, every aspect of our Thomas Payne furniture is constructed for enhanced comfort on the open road
  • SEAMLESS INSTALLATION — Built specifically for RVs, our furniture is lightweight and sized appropriately for easy installation inside your RV. This chair can clear a 26” entry way, allowing you to seamlessly add it to your RV’s interior
  • EASY TO CLEAN FABRICS — The PolyHyde, vinyl fabric is durable and extremely low maintenance — allowing you to simply wipe off any spills or dirt left behind by your travel companions
Bestseller No. 7
RecPro Charles 28″ RV Euro Chair Recliner | Modern Design | RV Furniture | Cloth (Oatmeal, 2 Chairs)
  • Dimensions : Height – 38” Width – 28” Base – 25.5” Depth – 27”
  • Recline length (1st position) – 40” Recline length (2nd position – fully extended) – 52”
  • Tension rod for reclining mechanism
  • Deeper reclining seat in stationary position
  • Not sure about the color? Order our Color Swatch samples.

RV Recliner Buying Considerations

There are a few similarities between finding traditional furniture for an apartment or home and picking new furniture for your RV. Knowing the space’s size and layout and the best fabrics for the expected usage level is important for both. Yet, when finding a recliner chair for your RV, you have to consider factors that don’t come into play when furnishing a stationary home.

There are four major areas you need to consider when narrowing your choices for RV furniture: fabric, size, weight, and available features. Let’s take a look at each, why they are important when considering a recliner chair for an RV, and the different options available.


The first thing anyone will notice about your furniture is its appearance, and when it comes to that, your fabric choice is key. But beyond feel, color, and pattern, the fabric also impacts the maintenance and longevity of your RV furniture. You will encounter a few different materials when researching recliner chairs for RVs: natural leather, synthetic leather, and fabric.

Natural leather is known for its durability and classic appeal, but it is also expensive and can require regular maintenance. Because leather is made from tanned animal hide, it retains some of the same qualities. It has the elasticity to resist tears and puncture damage but is prone to scratches. 

The ease with which leather can scratch is important to keep in mind if you are traveling with pets or small children. When accidents are almost certain to happen, easy cleaning and durability should be high on your list of priorities.

Due to its expense, maintenance needs, and comparatively hefty weight, natural leather can be difficult to find in standard RV chairs. If you decide to go with natural leather, you may need to invest in custom upholstery.

Synthetic leathers are lighter and generally less expensive than natural leather while still offering the same general look and feel. Synthetics don’t have the same puncture and tear resistance, but they are far more scratch-resistant.

Not all synthetic leathers are of the same quality, though. Most synthetic leathers fall into one of three categories: bonded leather, polyvinyl chloride, or polyurethane. You will rarely see them listed under those terms, though, so unless specified, we suggest researching brand names for different faux leathers to see which category they fall under.

Faux leathers made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are the most durable overall. Yet, they are also expensive and stiff, meaning they take time to “break-in.”

Polyurethane (PU) faux leather is slightly less durable than polyvinyl chloride but still quite durable overall. A lower average price and a look and feel closer to natural leather has made this newer option popular.

Bonded leathers are created with a backing made from leather scraps in a process similar to how wood pulp is made into paper. This material is later coated with polyvinyl chloride or polyurethane, creating a material with an initial appearance and feel almost identical to natural leather at a vastly lower price. 

Yet, bonded leather is prone to peeling and fading, making it far less durable than the other options.

If leather or synthetic leather furniture is not for you, there are excellent upholstery fabrics available for RV chairs. Fabric remains durable and easy to clean while offering a wider array of available colors, patterns, and textures than leather, natural or synthetic. However, it will absorb moisture.


That an RV recliner chair needs to fit the space is obvious, but the amount of floor space taken up isn’t the only sizing consideration you need to take into account. 

Reclining furniture requires a certain amount of clearance to recline fully. RVs also can have small doors, and some models have far less open space when “collapsed” for the road. These are things you must consider. 

Take care when measuring the space available, including what is available when fully collapsed for travel if you have an expandable RV. Don’t forget to check your door clearance before searching.


Loading heavy furniture is never pleasant, but weight is an extra important factor when shopping for RV furniture. Everything that goes into your RV affects its weight, which impacts not only your gas mileage but your ability to navigate some roads and bridges.

All furniture needs structural elements, but reclining furniture also has the added weight of the reclining mechanism and the motor for powered models. Recliner chairs and other reclining furniture can weigh far more than their stationary counterparts. This is something that can cost you over time if you fail to factor it into your decision.


RVs have to pack a lot of functions into every square inch of floor space, so RV furniture capable of serving multiple functions makes for a smart purchase. 

Common features of multipurpose RV furniture include hidden storage, the ability to convert into another furniture type, integrated electronics or charging stations, or something as simple as a cup holder.

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Your RV recliner should be a cozy haven where you can unwind and enjoy life on the road. We hope our guide to the 7 best RV recliners in 2023 has helped you find the perfect addition to your mobile sanctuary. Remember to consider factors like size, comfort, durability, and style when choosing your new recliner. Here’s to many relaxing moments in your upgraded RV home!

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