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The 7 Best Teardrop Campers with On-Board Bathrooms

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the 7 best teardrop campers with on board bathrooms

Are you looking for a small camper with a bathroom?

If so, allow us to introduce you to the best teardrop trailers with bathrooms!

These tiny trailers can be pulled with a medium sized SUV or a lightweight truck. They’re the perfect option for small families or couples looking to add a bit more adventure into their lives.

Let’s take a look at the best teardrop camper with bathroom on-board.

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Do Any Teardrop Trailers Have a Bathroom?

Wet bath

Yes – they do!

There are teardrop trailers that come with on-board bathrooms. Some have a simple composting toilet or a wet bath, and others have full bathrooms.

Teardrop trailers with bathrooms aren’t super common, but if you look hard enough, you’ll find them. And we’ve found seven for you to look at!

While having a bathroom in a teardrop camper isn’t a must-have, it’s great for those who plan on boondocking or camping anywhere that you’re required to have an on-board bathroom in your rig. 

The 7 Best Teardrop Campers with Bathrooms

Without further ado, here are the best teardrop campers with bathrooms on the market today:

1. Homegrown Trailers Timberline

Timberline by homegrown
  • Dry Weight: 4,350 lbs
  • Freshwater Tank: 23 gallons
  • Sleeps: Up to five people

If you’re after a unique looking camper with a bathroom, look no further than the Timberline by Homegrown teardrop trailer. It comes with a queen size bed, has a composting toilet, and is made with sustainable materials (we absolutely love this about Homegrown Trailers).

Because the toilet is compostable, there’s no need for a black water tank in this small teardrop camper. Apart from that, the Timberline has solar panels, energy-efficient light fixtures, wood paneling, and advanced batteries that are able to last for several days off-grid.

Take a look at the floor plan for this teardrop camper:

Timberline by homegrown interior

Many medium SUVs and trucks will be able to tow this, but just to be safe, Timberline strongly encourages you to use a vehicle with a tow capacity of at least 7,500 lbs.

2. iCamp Elite

Icamp elite
  • Dry Weight: 2,366 lbs
  • Freshwater Tank: 22 gallons
  • Sleeps: Up to three people

The body of the iCamp Elite is made from fiberglass which adds to the weight of this teardrop camper. However, a medium-sized SUV could still probably tow this with little to no problem!

Equipped with a queen size bed, good sized kitchen, marine toilet, and a decent amount of storage space, this may be one of the best teardrop trailers out there!

Take a look at the floor plan for this teardrop trailer:

Icamp elite interior

You’ll typically see a marine toilet in boats – but it’s not uncommon to also see them in some teardrop campers!

If you’re looking for a small camper with a bathroom that you can boondock in for a few days, we highly recommend the iCamp Elite!

3. Traveler by Happier Camper

The happier camper
  • Dry Weight: 1,800 lbs
  • Freshwater Tank: Has a dry flush toilet
  • Sleeps: Up to 4 people

Say “Hello” to this lightweight teardrop camper! The Traveler by Happier Camper may be the best teardrop camper on our list today.

This teardrop trailer was engineered with Happier Camper’s Adaptiv technology, which allows you to alter the floorplan to match what your needs are. It comes with a dry flush toilet, all-season insulation, hot water heater, and propane heat.

Check out the floor plan for this teardrop camper:

Traveler by happier camper interior

We really couldn’t recommend the Happier Camper brand enough. A light duty pickup truck or medium sized SUV could tow this with no problem.

4. TAB 320 S Teardrop Camper by NuCamp

Nucamp rv boondock
  • Dry Weight: 1,848 lbs
  • Freshwater Tank: 11 gallons
  • Sleeps: 2 people

The TAB 320 S Teardrop Camper by NuCamp is the best teardrop camper for couples who want to be able to travel in a small camper that can be pulled by an SUV (or light duty pickup trucks).

This lightweight teardrop camper has a decent sized living area, a wet bath with cassette toilet, a two burner stove, and it’s solar equipped! The freshwater storage tank is able to hold 11 gallons of water, as well as a 19 gallon grey water tank for the sink and shower, and an 8 gallon black water tank.

Take a look at the floor plan for this awesome teardrop trailer:

Nucamp rv boondock interior

If you ask us, this is one of the best teardrop trailers for couples on the market today!

5. Grand Ascape Aliner

Grand ascape aliner
  • Dry Weight: 1,700 lbs
  • Freshwater Tank: 11 gallons 
  • Sleeps: 2 people

Like most teardrop trailers, the Grand Ascape Aliner is pretty small. However, this 14’ teardrop trailer is equipped with a wet bath, a two burner stove, a queen bed, and a three-way refrigerator!

Along with the wet bath, this teardrop trailer comes with an outdoor shower. It also has dual propane tanks!

Check out the floor plan for this teardrop camper:

Grand ascape aliner floor plan

This is a great teardrop camper with a bathroom (and the freshwater storage tank holds up to 11 gallons of water)!

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6. The Jayco Hummingbird 17RB

The jayco hummingbird 17rb
  • Dry Weight: 3,010 lbs
  • Freshwater Tank: 25.6 gallons
  • Sleeps: 2 people

Jayco is known to be one of the best manufacturers in the RV industry today. Their Hummingbird 17RB comes with a modest bathroom, a queen bed, and a decent sized living area.

This teardrop trailer has a 25 gallon freshwater storage tank, too!

Check out the floor plan for this Jayco teardrop trailer:

The jayco hummingbird 17rb floor plan

It’s easy to see why so many people love the Jayco brand – and this might be one of the best teardrop trailers they’ve ever made!

7. The Little Guy Max

The little guy max

Dry Weight: 3,140 lbs

Freshwater Tank: 20 gallons

Sleeps: Up to 3 people

The Little Guy Max comes with a wet bath, hardwood cabinets, a queen master bed, and a fully equipped kitchen. It’s a pretty popular teardrop trailer and for good reason!

With a marine style toilet and a waterproof toilet paper holder, your bathroom needs are covered.

Check out the floor plan for this teardrop trailer:

Little guy max floor plan

If you’re looking for something small to enjoy the RV life, this could be the best teardrop trailer for you!

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