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20 Full-Time RV Blogs That Will Inspire You

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There are two kinds of people in this world…

Those that think living in an RV is insane, and those that think RV living is totally magnificent.

I’m not sure which group you fall in, but we reached out to 20 full-time RVers to find out why the RV lifestyle is so attractive.

The responses we got are nothing short of amazing.

The best part?

Whether you’re 18 or 80, work as an entrepreneur or an employee, are retired, or even served in the military, there are others out there like you living the RVing dream.

We even got answers from a few families RVing with four kids!!

You HAVE to hear their stories. Keep reading.

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20+ Amazing Full Time RV Blogs

Living in a camper isn’t for everyone. But for these nomads and wanderers, it’s a way to experience freedom, travel, and even to save money.

So kick back, relax, and get ready to be inspired by these incredible stories:

Pro Tip: Want to test drive the RV lifestyle? Try renting an RV for a few months to see if you like it or not! 

1. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner from the Full Time RV Blog Making Sense of Cents

Michelle from Making Sense of Cents

Living in an RV is great because I can travel full-time and explore new places, all while being able to bring my comfortable home to each location. Having a new beautiful view with all different kinds of landscapes out my front window just cannot be beaten!”

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2. Nathan from the Full Time RV Blog Wand’rly Magazine

“I’d already spent a summer in Portland, a few months living in England, and had been on a handful of cross-country road trips. I knew I loved traveling and so the idea of full-time RV living sounded really appealing.

This was 2007 and it wasn’t quite like it is today… just about everyone traveling back then looked to be retirees. But I came across Live Work Dream and saw they were doing it.

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Living in an Airstream RV

The whole living in a van or RV thing for us is all about being able to chase the seasons, pack up and go when we’re bored, see the country and the continent, and eventually the world more or less on the cheap (camping for cheap or free vs. hotel room fees).

It allows us to see friends all over the country just about any time we’d like. We get to spend a ton of time together as a family, we’re teachers and students, entrepreneurs and adventurers, and all of these things together. It’s a pretty great life!”

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3. Allison and Nik White from The Reckless Choice

Allison and Nik White from The Reckless Choice

“Our answer to RVing fulltime more or less boils down to, “why not?”

We’ve been very fortunate to travel internationally on several occasions before our RV lifestyle began. It dawned on us that our own country had so many beautiful places that we knew next to nothing about!

We wanted to take advantage of Nik’s ability to work remotely (isn’t the internet great?) and see these places now, not in 30 years.

We love the simplicity of life on the road. It has made it clear to us that experiences and relationships are so much more important than things.”

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4. Lisa and Hans McGuire from Metamorphosis Road

Lisa and Hans McGuire from Metamorphosis Road

“We know many folks retire in place and struggle to find ways to fill their days so we wanted to get out of the big city where we had lived for decades and open up new horizons.

We chose to retire and live full-time in an RV because it was the best way to explore the country on our own timeline, in our own home, with our own amenities (no impersonal hotels), and with our cat.

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Additionally, it’s a relatively inexpensive way to travel compared to hotels and eating out constantly (once we made the initial investment into the RV).

Every day is an adventure on the road! These past few years on the road have been a great start to our retirement and is affording us the opportunity to investigate where we want to settle down again… making a new home base from which to explore further by RV.”

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5. Janet Groene shares her RV Stories in Solo Woman RV

“Why live in an RV?

Simple! The only way to have a complete home that moves is to put that home on wheels, wings or water.

My late husband, Gordon, and I were living on a sailboat in a tropical paradise. But the tropics have a hurricane season and do NOT have the family members we wanted to visit in the Northeast.

We could put the boat in storage during storm season, move into our 21-foot diesel Class C motorhome, and roam the highways just as freely as we’d sailed the seas.

For 10 years we were happily homeless, making our living as a travel writer and photographer team. Now widowed, I continue to travel, write, and blog solo. My latest book, published in 2016, is below.”

Janet is the author of several RVing books, including The Survival Food Handbook and Living Abroad Your RV.

6. Pignatora family from RV Glamping Adventures

Pignatora family from RV Glamping Adventures

Four Rv’s later, we are currently in a 2016 Grand Design Solitude 5th Wheel. We’ve had to go bigger as our kids got bigger. We love that thing. It may be just a thing, but it is full of memories. Our 2017 Rv trips are in full swing!

This is an exciting time in our household. What memories will be made this year? What adventures will we have? What a different way to think than how we used to… we now still live to work (we do love what we do), but our priority is on working to live. Our joke is, “we work for gas money”. Lol. Happy Rving!”

Follow all six members of the Pignatora family on Facebook and YouTube!

7. Greg Gerber of the RV Daily Report

Greg Gerber RV Daily Report

“I lived full-time in an RV for three years traveling the country interviewing dealers, suppliers, manufacturers, campground owners and RV owners. However, I came off the road in April and the RV is about to be sold.

I started my journey in 2014 after covering the industry for 14 years from behind a desk. I decided I could work anywhere I had electricity and an internet connection. It was an eye-opening experience to be a consumer using the products, staying at campgrounds and living the lifestyle.

I wouldn’t say my RV living experience was all sunshine and roses, but it allowed me to convey the frustration RV owners have with various segments of the industry in a series of editorials I wrote last year called the RV Industry Death Spiral.”

8. Cherie & Chris from Technomadia

“We live in an RV because we like living in the perfect spot, and that’s a variable that changes often.”

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9. Marissa & Nathan from Less Junk More Journey

“After the birth of our daughter, our life perspective changed.

An “aha moment” went off in our heads and we thought: “Why not downsize and put our home on wheels to travel?!” That marked the beginning of an adventure for our family and after 2 years we look back with no regrets.”

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10. Montana and Cat share their RV Stories in Life Inside Jack

“We knew we would be leaving the state (CA) for Grad School. So instead of renting another house for a couple of years we purchased an RV and decided to take life on the road.

We’re still online students and we’re still going to move for Grad School, but until then, we’re just gonna keep moving.”

11. Paul Kortman from Home Along the Way

Paul Kortman from Home Along the Way

“We decided that full-time RV living would save us money and be more flexible while we were traveling a lot.

All that being said we’re planning on living full-time in our RV for the next 5 years or more. However, we are going to park it permanently.”

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12. Amber-Kat and Ross are the RV Bloggers from Nerds on the Road

Amber-Kat and Ross from Nerds on the Road

“In the Summer of 2007, I returned from living in Argentina for a year by myself and enrolled full-time at PSU upon my return to Portland to finish my Bachelor’s Degree.

We bought a 2006 32-foot trailer in decent shape for just $5,000, and a few weeks later a dually truck and we were officially committed to the RV life. Nearly 8 years later, we’re on our 3rd RV, a 2013 Toy Hauler and it just keeps getting better.”

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13. Lindsay and Dan McKenzie from Follow Your Detour

Lindsay and Dan McKenzie from Follow Your Detour

“Living in the “burbs” just wasn’t cutting it for us.

Our plans of starting a family faced an unexpected delay, we didn’t like slaving away in our yard and doing housework every weekend, and had a house full of items we didn’t ever use.

And we had an extreme love of travel.

However, we also love the comfort of home and being with our 2 dogs. So when we got the idea to have the best of both worlds and have a traveling home on wheels… it was a no-brainer for us!”

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14. Mike and Steff from Migratory Life

Mike and Steff from Migratory Life

“We were living in St. Louis, MO, away from both of our families in Peoria and Chicago.

We felt like we were living in the car while we were always driving home to see one family or the other. We joked that we’d be more comfortable doing all that traveling in an RV.

Over a couple of years, the joke turned into a serious discussion about selling most of our possessions and hitting the road full-time. June of this year (2017) marks one year of full-time RVing for us.

The funny thing was it all started because we found it difficult to see our families. Now we have been away from them more than ever. Fortunately, our parents have come out to visit us on the road.”

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15. Sonya and John Schweitzer from Itinerant Life

Sonya and John Schweitzer from Itinerant Life

“We are fortunate to be able to work remotely – my husband in security engineering and me in marketing.

My husband became ill a few years ago unexpectedly, and everything was put into perspective. We decided we should get out and explore the world. Why wait until we retire?

We are a little nomadic at heart – having lived all over the world already. But now we have two dogs who we also want to have with us as we travel, so RVing made the most sense.”

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16. Camille from More than a Wheelin’

Camille from More than a Wheelin'

“After years of working long days in corporate America, a new marriage, a new house that had a major slab leak, a back injury, and a series of flu and bronchitis illnesses, we were like ‘seriously, what are we doing?’

Even though we were living the typical suburban life we weren’t living the typical American Dream, and no matter how hard we tried it just wasn’t panning out.

Then it came to us – we should see North America in an RV and discover what else is possible! So we quit our jobs, sold our possessions, and left everything behind.”

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17. Dan and Lisa from Always On Liberty

Dan and Lisa's RV from Always On Liberty

“We served our Country for a combined total of 40 years and really had no time to truly travel and enjoy our Country we helped defend and protect. We wanted to travel and explore while we are still young and somewhat fit.

We realize and learned there is no promise of tomorrow. While we could have a big house, when we’d die, that would be it. By RVing, we’d have the memories and continued stewardship of educating those who can’t travel. We RV because we enjoy the freedom.

18. Heather from Faith Takes Flight

Heather from Faith Takes Flight

“For us, the seed was planted on one of our many family road trips.

My husband and I started playing around with ideas of how our family of 6 could have a perpetual life on the road. Living in an RV was a logical conclusion.

What really blew our minds was how many people were already living out our plan! Learning from those who went before us helped provide the confidence that it could be done.”

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19. Laura and Josh Mascola from Travel Explore Uncover

Laura and Josh Mascola from Travel Explorer Undercover

“My fiancĂ©, Josh, initially came up with the idea to begin full-time RVing. He knew there should be more to life than wasting away inside a corporate office, 40 hours per week.

The idea sounded great to me, yet scary at first. I lived by routine and felt stable with my regular paycheck.

However, what I often remind myself, is that this is your ONE life. Shake it up. Do something unexpected. Trust the process. Go live in an RV…

Now, every day is a new routine. Every day we make new friends. Every week we have a new backyard. Every moment makes us stronger and heightens our appreciation of what life and our country has to offer.”

20. Janelle Hooper from Home With the Hoopers

The Hoopers

We bought our RV originally for the purpose of enjoyment- taking it out on weekends for family trips, etc. RV living full-time never crossed our minds, or mine, I should say until about a year into our ownership.

Each time we took the RV out we found ourselves never wanting to return home. We loved the simplicity of life that accompanied our time away in the RV. This feeling really made us start thinking about our long-term life goals and how we could financially achieve them.

It has really drawn our family closer together and I hope we are instilling some good values and memories in them. We still pack up and go on trips on the weekends and are just enjoying life! Our only regret is not doing it sooner!

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21. Jason and Abigail Epperson from Our Wandering Family

Our Wandering Family

“We’ve always desired to travel and explore, and it wasn’t until 2015 when the last few pieces fell into place that we begin to discuss full-time RV life seriously. From there we began to discuss converting a school bus as an alternative to purchasing a Class A RV.

However, all the above is only the underlying support to a desire we had for our children, and that was the chance to learn about life, nature, our country and our National Parks up close and personal. Our eldest has ADHD and giving him the chance to explore and learn at his pace has always been the preferred method, and since we were already homeschooling, the transition to life on the road wasn’t too shocking.

Full-time travel has given us a new lease on life as a family and as individuals. It is not without its challenges, but at the end of the day, we know this is what we should be doing and it’s not lost on us how fortunate we are to be able to own a business and believe in a life that allows us to experience so much.”

You can find Our Wandering Family on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

22. Jennie and Jerl from Our RV Trip

Our RV Family

“Why did we decide to live in an RV?

Well, the short answer is that we couldn’t find a reason not to.

The long answer… I was watching one of those morning news shows and saw a family who sold everything, bought an RV, and traveled to all 50 states in 13 months.

I’d never thought about doing anything like that. Ever. I didn’t even know that was a possibility.

That night, after our three boys went to bed, I started telling my husband about That Family. We both loved the idea of showing the boys our country and neither one of us could come up with a valid reason not to do it. Not a single reason.

So, the next day we started putting things in motion. It took us a year and a half to research, plan, and find an RV that worked for us. We’ve been living full time in our RV for two years now and we absolutely love it!! We’ve seen 41 states and have no intentions of stopping once we reach all 50 states!!”

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23. Heath and Alyssa Padgett from Heath and Alyssa

Heath and Alyssa

“In 2014 we quit our jobs, bought an RV, and went on a year-long road trip across America where I worked a job in all 50 states for a documentary we filmed called Hourly America.

After a year of living and traveling in an RV, we realized this lifestyle was awesome and we didn’t want to give it up. We paid off a bunch of debt, built up our video production business, and continued traveling full-time in an RV.

Along the way we’ve shared our journey on our blog, our Hourly America documentary, a weekly podcast, and travel vlogs (the whole vlogging thing is new to us*).”

Follow Heath and Alyssa on YouTube and Facebook. Also be sure to check out their documentary and the RV Entrepreneur podcast!

24. Heather from C’est La Vie Three

Heather's RVing family

“Ever since high school, my husband and I have always enjoyed “just driving around”. We were both homebodies with a love for exploring new places! As a child, when my family took road trips, I would stare out the window longingly at the houses passing by. I always told my parents, “If that was our house, we’d be home now.” I have been known to still do that as an adult.

We were a typical American family of three, living a blessed life in a house in the suburbs, dreaming about one day traveling after retirement. We came to the heart-piercing realization that our travel dreams may never happen when we received some earth-shattering news on a frigid December day. With a lot of faith and prayers, we are here and healthy, and have decided there is no better time than NOW to travel to this great nation!

So, instead of investing in our retirement for the year, we invested in something much more amazing…memories!!”

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As you venture into the exciting world of full-time RV living, let these 20 inspiring RV blogs be your compass, guiding you through the twists and turns of life on the road. With their captivating stories, invaluable tips, and sense of adventure, you’ll be ready to hit the road and create your own unforgettable memories. So buckle up, it’s time to embark on the journey of a lifetime!

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