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Unique Tips For Creating Space In Your RV

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RVs are becoming popular traveling vehicles. While some people choose to go on a short weekend vacation, others decide to equip their RV and travel for months. Some even choose to renovate the entire vehicle and make a living space out of it.

Either way, making space in your RV – no matter how long you plan on traveling – can be a challenge. It’s not exactly a home-sized area, but you still need to pack the essentials.

Before you hit the road, you need to have everything ready, packed, and sorted so that you won’t waste more than two minutes to find it. Bottom line – you need space.

To help you create the space you need in your RV for all your essentials, here are some useful tips that’ll surely help.

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Invest In Low Furniture

If you plan on sleeping in your RV for more than two nights in a row, chances are you’ll need some comfy furniture, and by furniture, we mean a bed that can also serve as a couch

The idea is simple. You should throw out large rough, traditional furniture that is already in your RV and replace it with a low folding bed. Bear in mind the size of the bed, of course. If you’re going on the road with your partner or family members, you’ll need a larger one. 

Low furniture will leave more space for other necessities in the RV, but it will also create an illusion of a high ceiling, which is precisely what you need if you’re a bit claustrophobic.

Rely On Camping Items

Whether it’s bedsheets or kitchen items, camping-specific items will help you save a ton of space in your RV. Why? Because they’re created for the purpose of fitting everywhere. 

Don’t worry – they’re not any different from your regular household items. In fact, they might end up being more practical than the ones you use at home. For instance, bedsheets can be folded so that they can fit in your backpack, and kitchen items often come in sets that fit into each other.

See our post on RV Organization tips!

Throw Out Useless Items

You know how with houses, you have a room addition kit or a special place in your garage where you store all your items and gadgets that you don’t use that often but still need?

Well, if you’re planning on spending some time in your RV, that’s not going to be possible. You’ll need to sort through your stuff and only bring the stuff that you actually need. If it’s necessary, list down possibilities that can happen on the road, and then decide what you can’t leave behind.

With RV, it’s about making the most out of a small place.

Use Divided Organizers For Your Clothes

This one will save your life if you’re spending more than two days on your trip and you’re also not traveling solo.

As you already know, packing clothes can be a nightmare, even if you’re bringing a big-size suitcase. Somehow, there’s never enough space for everything you need. 

If you’re traveling in an RV, your clothes options are narrowed down, but you can still make the most out of it by using divided organizers. You can buy them almost everywhere or simply order them online. We recommend these from Well Traveled.

These clothes organizers are great for RVs because they allow your clothes to be divided without mixing with other clothes and, most importantly, without wrinkling the items that are made from sensitive materials.

Use Wall Space

If there’s anything that can be hung on the wall – do it. It’s recommended that you use up all the wall space in your RV so that you don’t have to rely on drawers or additional bags. Pictures, mirrors, hangers for coats – hang them on the wall.

It seems like it’s not a big deal, but it’s actually a huge tip that’ll help create a lot of space.

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