Meet the Wanderers:

Bill, Kayla & Luna Mars


My girlfriend (Kayla) and I (Bill) are two free souls who somehow managed to turn our dream of living in an RV and traveling the country into a reality at the young and stupid inexperienced age of 23.

After dating for two years and planning this adventure almost as long, we finally decided to sell our cars and almost everything in our house, pack it all up, and stuff it in an RV. I had just graduated college, and Kayla was finally learning her kid’s routines at the daycare she worked at.

To actually make this happen, a lot of things needed to work out:

  • We had to be able to make a full-time income from the road, so we both became freelance writers and internet marketers
  • We needed money, so we had to sell both of our cars and most of our furniture and gadgets; then used the money to purchase a scooter so we weren’t totally immobile
  • Our grandparents helped us a lot, and we are both incredibly thankful for their generosity and kindness
  • We needed an RV, and were lucky enough to have been looking for one around the same time my aunt was selling hers, so we got a good deal on it

Now we’re traveling the states in our RV with our cat Luna and blogging about our adventures. Feel free to read more about why Bill started to fulltime RV or why Kayla decided to fulltime RV.

Also, for more about what we’re doing and our thoughts on this whole thing, check out our first ever blog post!

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