What is “Fulltiming” or “Fulltime RVing?

What is Fulltiming

“Fulltiming” (also known as “fulltime RVing”) is the act of leaving behind your home to live in an RV (Recreational Vehicle). Your RV could be a tow-behind (which come in many forms, from a small truck camper to a massive fifth wheel) or a motor home. Most people think of retirement when they hear this; Kayla and I are here to prove to you that isn’t so.

Fulltiming can be done at any age with any amount of experience. Yes, there is a learning curve. Yes, it will completely change your life. Yes, it requires some creativity in terms of income.

Living in an RV isn’t for anyone who isn’t willing to or can’t:

  • Clean a sewage tank (which isn’t nearly as bad as it sounds)
  • Learn a little bit of everything, from plumbing to electric to engineering
  • Deal with occasionally having to take cold military-style showers (of course, if you always stay at a campground, then you won’t have to do this – we like to dry camp)
  • Drive a big vehicle
  • Live in a small space (which mean downsizing)

Why would anyone think fulltiming is a good idea?

Good question – it does seem a little crazy when you think about it. However, despite dealing with shit on occasion (literally), it’s the greatest thing we’ve ever done. It has given us a perspective on life and people we could never have gotten by staying in one spot all our lives. Travel is good for the soul.

Why travel in an RV?

  • Learn about different cultures – Despite what some people say, there are different cultures within the conglomerate American culture… especially on campgrounds. Good campgrounds have a culture all their own.
  • Try different food – Who doesn’t love food? The best food I’ve ever had, I’ve eaten while traveling.
  • Become a stronger, more capable person – There are few things on this Earth as challenging, or rewarding, as living in an RV. If you’ve never experienced travel, it will change you. You will become more intelligent, more capable, and more appreciative of life.
  • Go anywhere you want – One of my favorite parts of living in an RV is our ability to simply pick up and move whenever we want. If we don’t like an area, we can turn the key, hit the gas, and get the hell out of there. You get to see the world at your own pace.

All these reasons are incredible, but even combined they don’t come anywhere close to the impact this final reason had on our decision to commit to living in an RV:

The single greatest reason to travel is meeting incredible people and forming bonds that last a lifetime.

Fulltiming is an incredible experience.

Kayla and I have only been traveling less than a month, and we’ve already met half a dozen people whom we can call great friends. They’ve taught us about RVing, boating, fishing, hunting, drones, food, and so much more. In the words of Tim Cahill…

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”

Essentially, fulltiming is a lifestyle for people who want to see the world, meet cool people, and transform themselves. If that sounds like it’s for you, we encourage you to try it for yourself!

Want to learn how to live in an RV? We just wrote a full guide! Click here to check it out.

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