Freeport, Portland, and Bill’s Grandparents

As you all know, Bill and I spent our first month of RV living in one of our favorite states: Maine.

When I was a little kid my parents would take me to Maine almost every year, so Maine has a special place in my heart. It’s where I saw my first whale, picked up my first starfish, and saw my first lighthouse. Last year, I took Bill to Maine to see if he would enjoy it just as much as I did. He did! We kayaked on the on the ocean, went on a ghost tour, and of course ate some amazing food!


When Bill and I went on vacation last year, we stayed in Freeport. It’s a cute little town, with plenty to do. This year, when Bill’s grandparents visited us, we took them to our favorite restaurantย (Mediterranean Grill), showed them all LLBean had to offer, and shopped around a little bit. We didn’t stay too long, but we had a lot of fun!


Portland is beautiful. Ocean views, wonderful food, and shopping. There are so many stores in Portland (especially in Old Port). When Bill and I went to Portland last year, we took the ferry over to Peaks Island and kayaked on the ocean. We also biked around the whole island (Bill flipped over his bike and messed up his thumb, I flagged down the police when they drove by so they could patch him up). We also went on a ghost tour through Portland!

This year, we went twice. Once by ourselves (which ended in our scooter breaking down) and once with Bill’s grandparents. We visited the Victoria Mansion, ate dinner on a ship (the rocking made me feel a little sea sick), and went into almost every shop in eye sight! It was such a fun time.

Bill’s grandparents

I’m so happy Bill’s grandparents were able to come and visit us while in Maine. On our last full day, we hiked Step Falls. Step Falls is a beautiful, beautiful place. It’s an easy hike, with tons of natural waterslides. Bill dived in, and I wished I hadn’t been so reluctant to slide down too! There was even a pie stand (with tons of homemade goodies) on the side of the road. (The pie was amazing, by the way).

We also went kayaking, and went to the Sluice! The Sluice was fun, we found tons of awesome gemstones in the bucket we paid for.

Bill’s grandparents left on Sunday morning after we went for breakfast at the diner near our campground. As soon as they left, we were pretty upset. We missed them, but were happy to have our bed back and get back to working. (We let them have our bed in the RV while they were over.)

When you travel, make sure you squeeze in time for family to visit. Our trip wouldn’t have been the same if gram and Tony didn’t visit!

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